World’s Best Boss Coffee Mugs

Like Michael Scott Uses on The Office

Here is where you can buy a World’s Best Boss coffee mug gift. Give one as a surprisingly practical gag gift to your boss, employer or even your spouse in the spirit of Dunder Mifflin.

This tongue in cheek ceramic coffee mug has been making the rounds on various Television shows and movies and now it can be yours.

While the overstatement on the logo is sure to bring a laugh or two, the coffee mug can actually be used for coffee on a daily basis.

Now you can show who’s really in charge of fun times and bring along one of these coffee mugs to the next office party.

What Started This Trend?

For those of you who are familiar with the hit NBC show, The Office, this mug will need no explanation. If you aren’t familiar with the show, the ridiculous, fumbling boss Michael Scott (played by Steve Carell) sports a “World’s Best Boss” mug on a daily basis. The best part is that he gave it to himself!

While you might really think the world of your boss, this gag gift is playful for any man or woman in charge, no matter how seriously they take their job. The mugs modeled directly off the show will feature a Dunder Mifflin logo, the fictional paper company in the show, on the reverse side of the cup.

Where to Buy a “World’s Best Boss” Coffee Mug

By just typing the keywords into any search engine, hundreds of thousands of results immediately come up. The hits range from info on the show The Office, to sites that actually sell the mug. With so many options, if you do a little bit of searching, you can get a great deal on one. Buy a Worlds Best Boss Mug now.

As a Fun Gift

This coffee mug can be a fun gift to give in about any setting. While you might want to stray from sending it to a CEO or President of a large firm, your immediate supervisor will get a kick out of the playful coffee cup. You could send one to your spouse. Show them that they are the boss in a joking way. Or, if you are a self employed, or have a few friends that are, use a “World’s Best Boss” coffee mug, because, after all, you are your own best boss.

Various Kinds Including Spin-Offs

While the original mug is a white ceramic coffee cup with bold, black writing, the popularity of the item has spun off a few unique and equally funny coffee mug gifts.

For those supervisors that are always on the go, get them a World's Best Boss Travel Mug. These transportable and insulated cups are widely available and are always put to good use.

Mugs emblazoned with “World’s Best Teacher” make for a funny gift for any of your child’s favorite teachers. Coffee cups with “World’s Best Assistant” or “Secretary” even “Mom” or “Dad” always make for fun and delightful presents.

No matter which coffee mug you choose, know that this whimsical gift will bring a smile to your boss’s face and a hot sip of coffee to their lips.


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