Wedding Mugs

Best Gifts and Favors for Bridal Party or Groomsmen

Giving personalized and commemorative wedding mugs as gifts is the best way to thank those that attended or contributed to your special day. This simple, yet useful, present is a great way for everyone to remember your wedding ceremony and relive the memories for years to come.

For The Bridal Party

Traditional bridal party gifts are fun and often beautiful, but usually not very practical. Why not give your bridesmaids an elegantly engraved or personalized wedding mug that they will actually use on a daily basis. Don’t think that coffee mug gifts have to be plain and unimaginative. Nowadays, mugs as gifts are as fashionable and exquisite as the ceremony itself.

Custom ceramic, stainless steel and plastic coffee mugs can be individualized with bridesmaids’ names, the wedding date, thank you messages and various other personal notes and well wishes. Set out the fun keepsake mugs during a shower, at your engagement party, or even have them on hand for a morning cup coffee after your bachelorette party.

As Groomsmen Gifts

The most common gifts given to groomsmen by the bride and groom are personalized bar glassware and flasks. But, really, the recipients only use these items once in a blue moon. Do your groomsmen a huge favor and give them a ‘thank you’ wedding gift that they can actually use daily. A handsomely engraved stainless steel cup is the perfect gift for the men that stand by your side as you marry your wife. These manly mugs can be personalized in just about any fashion and are a practical and very thoughtful gift.

Wedding Favors

When people leave your wedding, you not only want them to remember the ceremony, the fun times at the reception and the happy couple, but you also want them to be able to take home a piece of the wedding as a wedding favor to remember for years to come. Since practically everyone enjoys a cup of coffee during their morning routine, why not give your guests commemorative wedding mugs for them to use on a daily basis.

Ceramic coffee cups can be screen printed with the couple’s name and wedding date. You might even want to consider putting a picture of the bride and groom on it for an extra unique gift. Elegant stainless steel mugs can be beautifully engraved with personalized messages. Coffee mugs make for favors that everyone at your big day will certainly enjoy.

Perfectly Priced

No matter whom you are planning to give gifts to, know that the presents make a big impact at a small price. Many online gift and party favor websites offer discounts on bulk orders of coffee mugs. See if you can even order them during a sale to save even more money.

Your wedding costs can climb quickly, but by saving money on bridal party, groomsmen and guest favors, you will free up your budget and be able to put that extra cash to good use.


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