USB Mug Warmer Review

Stylish and innovative USB Mug Warmers not only do a great job keeping your coffee warm, but also reduce cord clutter in and around your workspace. Why worry about messing with plugs and outlets with your coffee mug warmer when you can simply plug the device into one of your computer’s many USB outlets?!

These mug warmers are a great accessory to any desktop and are easy to plug in and start using. The hot plate is not only great for keeping coffee warm, but it will also keep soups, teas, and any other hot liquid you consume during the day from cooling as quickly.

Not only does this make a great gift for anyone with a computer-centered job, but it also saves space in and around your desk by not using up another power outlet. And for those of you that know just how cluttered power outlets and surge protector bars can get, this will be a real room saver.


USB Cord Compatibility – You don’t have to worry about finding an extra outlet to plug this coffee mug warmer in. Just use one of the USB (Universal Serial Bus) outlets that is usually located on the side or back of your desktop or laptop computer – there are usually way more there than you ever need – and your coffee will be set to stay warm for the entire day. It doesn’t matter what brand of computer you use, this USB cord will work with any and all units.

Quick to Cool – When the day’s coming to an end or you’ve just had your fill of hot coffee for the day, simply unplug the USB cord and the hotplate will cool as quickly as it heated. This will ensure that there are no potential fire hazards at the end of the workday.

Power Indicator Light – Although you can easily see if the USB is plugged into your computer or not, the power indicator light is a nice extra feature on this model. It gives extra assurance that the hotplate is on and working, and will be a gentle reminder to unplug the unit when leaving the office for the night.

Why This Product: Simply put, the USB plug feature means that you can use it anywhere there is a computer. After all, you are probably sipping away at a computer as you read this review. Why not make every sip a little hotter with a USB mug warmer!

Important note: I have not found USB heaters to be quite as effective as standard plug-in coffee heaters. They do help your coffee stay hotter longer, especially if you are using a good flat bottomed mug. Therefore, if piping hot coffee is your aim, I would recommend either a high quality insulated mug like the Thermos Sipp, or a standard plug in mug warmer found on the main coffee cup warmer page.

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