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Looking for the best travel coffee mugs for sale? We make shopping easier by doing the search for you. Review all the best ever plastic, ceramic, stainless steel, insulated, and spill proof coffee travel mugs with lids right here.

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Thermos Sipp

This is my all time favorite insulated travel coffee mug. It's pretty much perfect.

I bought one for my wife because it was stylish and I knew she would like it. It has also had tons of great reviews online.

Well, she loves, and I do too, so much so I kept "borrowing it" from her. Eventually, I had to get one for myself and it is my everyday go-to mug.

It's so cool looking, it's exceptionally well-made, and it functions perfectly.

It's really hard to find anything wrong with it.


Leak Proof - 100% sealed with the click of a button.

Keeps Coffee HOT - For hours! She actually leaves the lid off so it will cool.

Durable - Sturdy stainless steel, but still super stylish.

Easy - Easy to clean, easy to use, even fits is smaller car cup holders.

Read more about the Thermos Sipp.

Best Coffee Travel Mugs by Category

PLASTIC Travel Coffee Mugs - inexpensive, lightweight, simple.

DISHWASHER SAFE Travel Mugs - joys of easy cleaning.

ALADDIN Travel Mugs - a great brand making great travel mugs.

CONTIGO Coffee Travel Mug - best budget priced travel mug you can buy.

INSULATED Travel Coffee Mugs - more mugs that keep coffee HOT!

FRENCH PRESS Coffee Mugs - brewing you own best coffee on the go.

CERAMIC Coffee Travel Mugs - low-maintenance, unique ceramic travel mugs.

Learn more about travel coffee mugs with lids.

Here are two of my other favorite travel coffee mugs...

This is one of the best buys available for an amazing travel mug.

The 16 oz Contigo double-wall insulated stainless steel travel tumbler has a perfect design. It's beautifully constructed and very stylish.

It keeps coffee hot for hours. It fits a standard car cup holder. It's also truly LEAK PROOF!

At 16 ounces it holds enough coffee to get you out of your driveway before you run out, unlike some 10 or 12 oz mugs.

Plus, it is durable (sturdy stainless steel), and the lid is an open design so milk doesn't get trapped between two layers where you can't see it.

Oh, did I mention that it is LEAK PROOF, with the patented Autoseal lid!

The Autoseal lid is by far my favorite feature. The button is conveniently located right where your hand naturally rests on the mug. You just push and sip. The second you let go, it's 100% sealed and leak proof.

And in 2016 they updated the lid design so you can flip it open from the inside for easier cleaning!

Care Instructions:

Hand washing is recommended for the mug body (the silver brushed stainless body CAN go through the dishwasher, but not the colored bodies).

A good bottle brush makes hand washing a snap. The lid has an awesome "open" design so that coffee and milk won't get trapped in there. The lid can also be washed in the top shelf of the dishwasher. Using a water pick or spray nozzle from time to time will keep your lid perfectly clean.

Tips for use:

Wash the inside of the lid regularly, by spraying it out or running it through the dishwasher. Some people have had trouble with build up of milk in the lid if they let it go too long.

When you first screw on the lid, push the drink button once to release the pressure so it doesn't build up.

It fits standard car cup holders, but not the older really narrow cup holders like on my older Subaru. That really doesn't matter, though. Unlike other leaky mugs, I can hold the Contigo in my lap or throw it on the seat next to me and it won't spill a drop!

Iced Coffee Cup

Great price for a large cold coffee cup.

This Copco 24 oz cold tumbler is a great large cold coffee travel mug for hot days when you need lots of ice.

On the plus side, it's large, easy to clean and has an attractive design. It is also available in several great colors.

It is also one of the less expensive plastic travel tumblers out there.

On the negative side, it is single-walled so it doesn't stay cold quite as long as double-walled, insulated travel mugs. This also allows it to sweat more than the insulated version.

That's what allows it to be so light weight and inexpensive.

So, whether you're looking for ceramic, stainless steel insulated, or plastic travel coffee mugs your perfect one is just a click away. Click on any of the text links to see tons of other travel coffee mugs in more detail.

To get even more perspectives on the best travel mugs visit Good Housekeeping's Website for some excellent, informative reviews.

Also see this fun article "travel coffee cups - not just for traveling."

Wishing you all the best.

- Steve

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