Travel Mugs Aren’t Just for Traveling Anymore

While travel coffee cups were originally designed for commuting needs, they have grown into a daily accessory used at home, in the office and everywhere else in between. These mugs, which can securely keep coffee hot for hours on end, are universally loved because of their spill proof tops. Coffee spills are a mess to clean up, no matter if you are on the road or staying put.

But travel mugs keep coffee from splashing everywhere and can minimize spillage if they accidentally get tipped over. This is just one reason that the stainless steel, ceramic and plastic travel cups are so popular. Have a look at some of the other places, besides during travel, that transportable coffee mugs are a mainstay.

Travel Coffee Cups At Home

Traditional coffee cups, those made out of ceramic with no lid, are great if you drink coffee in the kitchen…and only in the kitchen.

These cups are hard to carry around from room to room and because they offer no insulating cover on top, the hot liquid within them gets colder faster.

Travel coffee mugs are great for use around the house. They allow you to enjoy your morning coffee in any and every room. You won’t have to worry about messy coffee stains on couches, chairs or carpets.

The travel mugs’ tight fitting lids not only keep coffee from spilling and splashing all over the place, but also helps to lock in the coffee’s hot, fresh taste.

At the Office

Don’t run the risk of spilling coffee all over important documents, or even worse, across your laptop or keyboard.

Coffee accidents are bound to happen, especially on small desks and tight cubicle areas.

By using a travel cup at the office, you can have peace of mind that your coffee isn’t going anywhere, even if knocked over.

If you enjoy coffee on the way to work, then a travel coffee mug will allow you to carry your coffee from the car into the office with no spills whatsoever.

The cups are also great for use during the day for additional coffee top-offs, fresh brewed tea or icy cold refreshing drinks.

Great for Kids

While I certainly don’t recommend serving coffee to children, travel coffee cups are a great way to serve any other kid-friendly beverage to your little ones.

Younger children can have a hard time handling a regular cup filled with liquid. But if they are served juice, milk or water in a travel coffee mug, they will be less likely to make a mess.

The tight fitting lids with perfectly sized sipping holes are great for small children who tend to get more liquid on their clothes than they do in their mouth.

These mugs usually come equipped with easy to hold handles or grippy surfaces that even the smallest of hands can manage.

Perfect for Outdoors

When working in the garden or enjoying a child’s sporting event outside, travel coffee cups can come along for all the action.

They’ll keep your coffee or hot chocolate warm on a cool day and insulate your refreshing cold beverage on hot days.

Travel coffee cups work great on a number of terrains (whether it be flower bed or soccer field) and you won’t lose too much, if any at all, liquid should they tumble over.

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