What’s Great About Thermal Coffee Mugs?

Keep your hot drinks hot and your cold drinks cold with thermal coffee mugs that are perfect for your morning commute, an afternoon break and anytime in between. These perfectly insulated cups are the best investment a coffee drinker can make. Not only do the insulated coffee mugs help to regulate the drink’s temperature, but they are also great for traveling and look great too!

Plastic vs. Stainless Steel

It seems like everyone who drinks out of a thermal coffee mug has a specific preference of which material they think is the best insulator.

With so many models of both plastic and stainless steel travel mugs, it is hard to know which material is truly the best. Reviews of both products are high and, really, it comes down to which material you prefer.

Stainless steel coffee mugs look great. They are sleek, protect against bacterial build up and are their double-walled, extra insulating feature is standard in most stainless steel models.

But plastic mugs get great reviews as well. They are very durable, practically indestructible, can be individually personalized (company’s love to incorporate their logo on plastic mugs for employee gifts) and are also well insulated.

Basically, since both of the most popular materials are good at doing their job, you have to make the decision on which model is best for you and your thermal coffee mug needs.

Other Types of Thermal Coffee Mugs

New innovations in other insulated materials have allowed for various types of travel coffee cups to pop up in the market. The ceramic travel coffee mug is a new trend that’s gaining popularity quickly.

The mug manufacturers utilize the standard coffee cup material, ceramic, and make the shape of the mug similar to the traditional travel mugs. The cup comes equipped with a tight fitting, often silicon, lid and it can be used like any other travel mug. The only downside to ceramic is that it is quite a bit more breakable than the other two choices.

Features to Look for in Any Thermal Coffee Mug

No matter which material you think is best for a highly insulated coffee cup, there are a few features that you should look at when purchasing a travel mug. First and foremost, you have to make sure that the lid fits securely on the cup. While these travel mugs can be quite cheap, don’t skimp on money by buying a model with a poorly fitting lid.

This will not only cost you the price of having to buy a new cup, but it could also cost you dry cleaning and laundry bills since a mug with a faulty lid is bound to spill on your clothes.

Models with sturdy plastic handles or comfort rubber grips are recommending for commuters that drink out of their insulated cup in the car. This will give you a firm grip on the mug at all times. Additionally, look for thermal coffee mugs with wider bottoms. This will ensure that the coffee cup is stable and won’t be knocked over at the slightest touch.


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