Starbucks Mugs

Find all the best Starbucks mugs in lots of sizes from classic coffee mugs to city mugs like NYC and finally, state mugs like California, Hawaii, and Alaska.

Also learn some Starbucks history. I'll share highlights of Starbucks coffee mug history and a great link to my favorite page on their history.

Finally, find great Starbucks travel mugs with lids. They have a variety of "design your own" travel tumblers with customizable templates.

Let's check out a few classic Starbucks coffee mug styles:

Starbucks Coffee Mugs

Starbucks Mug Photos

These are two of my favorite Starbucks mug pictures. The huge cappuccino mug and the photo insert Christmas travel mug with plastic straw.

starbucks large cappuccino mug
starbucks acrylic travel photo insert mug

starbucks christmas coffee mug with candycane handle

Starbucks Mug Logo History

Here are some of my favorite little bits about the history of Starbucks and their mugs. Starbucks has been around since 1971 and is now the largest coffeehouse company in the world.

They started in Seattle, Washington.  The first Starbucks coffee house is located right in the heart of Pike Place Market in Seattle about two blocks from where it originally opened in 1971. 

It's a pretty unassuming building, but very much worth visiting.

Despite it's reputation as "corporate coffee", Starbucks has done a lot to promote and support small farmers and fair trade coffees around the world.

They also rank highly as one of the best places to work for employees.

The name Starbucks is taken from captain Ahab's first mate in the story of Moby Dick.

Have you ever wondered why the Starbucks emblem is an image of a Siren? 

This mug has the original Starbucks Siren logo.

Although the logo has evolved over the years, the mysterious Siren still dominates the logo.  She is said to represent the history of Seattle maritime roots and serves as the muse of Starbucks.

The Starbucks City Mugs are a series of collector mugs that have been around since 1994. There are also Skyline mugs, Architect mugs, Global and State mugs, and several other series.

For a more in depth read about Starbucks history check out the History of Starbucks on Wikipedia.

Cool Starbucks Stuff

A few fun items here:

A bag of Italian Roast Coffee

A classic mug styled from the original store in Pike Place Market

Starbucks Via (their new ready brew coffee)

And a mug with retired 1992 logo.

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