Stainless Desktop Coffee Mugs

Find all the best stainless coffee mugs with wide bases, lids, and handles. Review stainless steel desk and travel mugs for sale. Stable, wide bottom mugs are harder to tip over.

Aladdin 16 Oz. Desktop Mug

This quality stainless mug is a big hit as a hard to spill travel or desk mug.

It has a stainless interior and stylish frosted exterior.

This mug is very well made and durable.

The lid also closes to prevent spills.

Double wall insulated to keep your coffee hot until your next trip back to the coffee machine.

Care instructions: Not for use in the microwave. Dishwasher safe.

Amazingly Hot 22 oz Mug

This is an amazing little stainless steel travel mug.

First, it keeps 22 ounces of coffee piping hot up to 6 hours! If you drink your coffee any slower than that you need to dump it out and stop for a refill on your lunch hour.

Second, it is SPILL PROOF! It has a push button stopper that seals it off 100%. As if that weren't enough, it also has a cap that screws on top of that if you need a little extra security (great for people who like to throw their mug inside their book bag).

Third, it's durable. Very well constructed of stainless steel. The handle is also reinforced to make it pretty bomb proof.

If you want a spill proof mug that keeps coffee hot for hours you'll love this 22 oz mug.

The only drawback is the lid with multiple parts that requires extra cleaning.

Care instructions: Not for use in dishwasher or microwave.

Tips for cleaning the lid include:
- Disassembling the lid parts and soaking them
- Spraying hot water into it
- Using a water pick or pipe cleaners occasionally for a thorough cleaning.

16 oz Stylish Desk Mug

The Trudeau Board Room mug is full of style without lacking excellent functionality.

This is a great insulated mug to use while at the office.

The lid presses on and seals well to keep coffee hot longer and prevent drops from splashing on important papers (not designed to seal 100% like spill proof mugs).

The Leatherette accents give it a great classy look but it is still hand washable.

Keeps coffee hot up to an hour.

Care instructions: Not for use in dishwasher or microwave.

Thanks for reading my reviews of the best wide base stainless coffee mugs.

Wishing you all the best.

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