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Vintage Diner Style Coffee Cups

Best vintage diner style restaurant coffee mugs. Classic glass and ceramic mugs in white, brown and red. Fiesta and Anchor Hocking Cafe mugs, 10 oz and 12 oz.

Are you looking to bring that classic cafe style into the comfort of your own kitchen? Here are the best diner styles and restaurant cup designs.

Classic Diner Coffee Mug

Here is the classic diner style coffee mug.

It is a durable ceramic mug with white lead free glaze.

This mug in all of it's simplicity is filled with long traditions of cozy diners. Think of huge flapjacks, hearty, sizzling sausage and bacon, and fried eggs with toast.

If Flo were here, she would drink from this mug. It's durable and heavy duty. Made for hard use in a busy diner, this mug is hard to break.

Care instructions: Microwave and dishwasher safe.

Fiesta 12-Ounce Java Mug

Here is a high quality Fiestaware chocolate colored restaurant coffee mug.

This is an extremely durable ceramic mug with bright, chip resistant lead free glaze.

Many other classic Fiesta colors also available at Amazon.

This is the newer version with the larger handle. I like this new handle. It is more like the classic diner style mug, easier to hold and more comfortable in your hand. The old one finger styles of Fiesta mugs are also available.

Care instructions: Microwave and dishwasher safe.

Anchor Hocking Cafe Mug Set of 6

This set of six mocha colored glass cafe mugs from Anchor Hocking is a stylish cafe style addition to your mug collection.

They are simple, yet elegant in design.

With a great 16 ounce size, they are great for coffee, cocoa, lattes, mocha's or tea.

Care instructions: Dishwasher safe. The manufacturer does not specify that they are microwave safe.

These mugs CAN break from dropping or thermal shock, so care should be taken not to pour boiling hot liquid into a cold glass without a little preheating. If you need a truly thermal shock proof glass see the next coffee mug review below.

"Almost Unbreakable" 13 oz
Clear Coffee Cups

"Almost Unbreakable" set of 4 clear glass 13 oz. restaurant coffee mugs.

These hold up to their claim of almost unbreakable. The glass has been specially treated in the same way that fighter plane windshields are treated to protect them against thermal fracture.

You can also pour piping hot liquids into them without worry as they are guaranteed against breaking from thermal shock.

Not only that, but they are designed in a classic yet simple cafe style that holds a drinkable 12 oz of drinkable coffee.

Care instructions: As you might guess, they are indeed microwave and dishwasher safe.

Thanks for reading these reviews for restaurant coffee mugs. I hope you find the mugs you are looking for, wishing you all the best.

- Steve

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