Photo Mug Printing Equipment

Find photo mug printing equipment and supplies to get you started printing coffee mugs for a photo mug business. Find coffee mug press manufacturers, paper, and more for sale.

The main things you need are a mug press, blank sublimation mugs (specially coated to receive sublimation inks), transfer paper, the right printer, and sublimation inks.

Coffee Mug Press

First, to get started you'll need a coffee mug press. Mug presses come in a variety of sizes, styles and prices but they all do the same basic thing. They heat and press the ink from your printed transfer paper into the surface of your mug.

Some have multiple uses like the 6 in 1 machine that can print mugs, hats, plates, T-shirts and more.

Others are more basic and can only print cylindrical coffee mugs. Still others have separate attachments so that you can print tapered latte mugs as well.

Almost every heat press is equipped with temperature gauge and a timer for accurate heating of your mug.


Next, you'll need an ink printer like the Epson 88+ to print the specialized sublimation inks onto transfer paper before heating and pressing the ink onto your mug.

The Epson 88+ is perfect for the job of printing mugs. It's also a great price for someone just getting started.

If you were going to be printing T-shirts or other larger format products, I would recommend getting a larger format printer.

For doing just mugs, though, the Epson 88+ is just right, and without some of the potential clogging issues of other printers.

Transfer Paper and Ink

Next, you'll need "heat transfer paper" or "sublimation paper" for use on mugs.

The two most important things are that the paper is compatible with your printer. Example, if you are using the Epson 88+ printer, it is an inkjet, so you need to have inkjet paper.

Secondly, the paper should be designed for use on hard surfaces such as ceramic mugs, rather than for soft surfaces like T-shirts.

You'll also need the right ink. You have to use specific sublimation ink for use on hard surfaces such as ceramic mugs.Ink cartridges are avialable for use in the Epson 88+.

Coated Mugs

Finally, you need to use specially coated mug for use in sublimation. When ordering mugs make sure they are either ceramic mugs with a sublimation coating for inkjet sublimation, or sublimation compatible polymer mugs (basically, like a plastic mug).

Obviously, the coated ceramic mug is going to be a bit more desirable.

That's a summary of the basic photo mug printing equipment required to get started printing your own photo mugs.

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