Photo Mug Kit Ideas and Help

Buy a photo mug kit or get help with designing paper photo insert templates. Also find tips for waterproofing your paper insert coffee mug to protect your photos.

Some personalized photo coffee mugs come with a ready made template in the mug that you simply add photos to.

Others come with a sheet or paper that you can trace to create your own template.

Still others are designed for use with an online template where you can add photos, edit them with photo software, and customize your design.

You then print the template, cut around the edges, and insert it into the mug.

<<< Here is an example of an easy photo mug kit.

Paper Insert Templates

If you want a simple way to create a photo mug without having to mess with design programs, upload photos, and print them out, here's what you do:

1) The mug should come with a piece of stock paper already cut to the correct shape for your mug. Remove the stock paper insert from your photo mug kit.

2) If it has a design that you want to use, with designated spots to attach your own photos, simply cut your favorite photos to size, use double-sided tape or a glue stick to attach them, and re-insert the paper into your mug.

3) If you want to customize your own design using one large photo or several small photos on scrap booking paper, follow the next three steps.

4) First, trace the stock paper insert that your removed from the mug onto whatever background or scrap booking page you want to use.

5) Next, cut out your photo or photos and tape or glue them onto your new background.

6) Add decorative elements, quotes, names, glitter, or anything else you want. Insert the whole thing back into the mug. Be sure to screw the mug back together tightly.

(For tips on preventing leaking of your custom photo mug see below.)

Prevent Your Photo Mug From Leaking

Here are a few ideas you might try to better seal you photo mug to prevent water from getting in between the inner and outer walls and ruining your photo or collage:

1) The first thing to do is to be sure to screw the bottom on tightly after inserting your photo.

2) Try adding some food-grade lubricant or oil to the threads before you re-seal the bottom if the seal isn't water tight.

3) Avoid submerging your photo coffee mug in water. Also hand wash it rather than running it through the dishwasher.

4) If you don't plan on removing your photo from the mug at all you can try super glue to permanently seal the bottom shut.

5) For a slightly less permanent, but effective seal, try a little bead of silicone (like that used for sealing the corners of your bath tub) on the threads before re-attaching the bottom. Be sure to let it dry thoroughly, and only use it on surfaces that will not contact your mouth or your beverages (not recommended if your mug walls attach at the top).

6) Finally, apply a few wraps of teflon plumber's tape to the threads before screwing the bottom back on. Teflon tape is available at hardware stores. It's even available in black so as not to throw off the aesthetics of your photo mug.

Most importantly, have fun creating your memories with your photo mug kit.

Thanks for visiting.

- Steve

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