Photo Mug Equipment

Printing Your Own Custom Photo Coffee Mugs

With the right modern photo mug equipment, you can start churning out your very own personalized photo mugs and give great gifts to friends and family. And finding the right equipment might not be as costly as you think.

Great Gift Idea

Photo mugs make for great gifts. They are perfect presents from kids to parents and especially grandparents. Picture coffee mugs are great for family reunions.

Your friends will love reliving the good times as they sip out of the photo coffee mug each and every morning.

And if you have plenty of scenic photos on hand, you can turn your plain coffee cup set into a work of art.

The options are limitless, but without the proper photo mug equipment, you might be stuck in a rut. Read on to find out what you need to turn this DIY project into a reality.

Getting Started

To start the project, you’ll need to gather your photo mug equipment. Start with a clean white or light colored mug that is made for photo printing transfers. The standard sized ceramic coffee cup will work just fine, but wider and taller mugs can also be used.

You also need to purchase transfer paper. This special paper can be found at craft stores and larger paper supply chains.

Before you can start using all of your photo mug equipment, you will need to find that perfect picture for your coffee cup. Bright, smiling faces always work great, as do beautifully detailed scenic photos.

You’ll need to adjust and crop the picture so that when it prints out it will be able to fit the mug perfectly. While not absolutely necessary, having access to Adobe Photoshop or some other kind of photo editing program can be useful during this step.

Transferring the Image

Once you have the photo chosen, you will need to use the transfer paper and your color printer (ink jet). The printer is the last bit of photo mug equipment that you will need. Print the photo on the transfer paper and measure the printed picture up to the coffee mug. Trim any excess transfer paper or parts of the photo that will not fit on the cup.

Follow the transfer paper’s instructions and soak the photo in a bowl of water to loose the image. The backing of the photo should easily peel off and stick to the outside of the coffee mug. Use a coffee mug press or a sleeve to bake the image onto the mug until it is permanent. And, voilá! You’ve got yourself your very own photo mug.

No Hassle Photo Mugs

If this sounds too complicated, you can skip the equipment and choose a plastic, insulated travel mug that has a space built in for printed pictures.

All you have to do is slip a standard 4”x6” picture between the clear plastic outer surface and the inner insulated mug. This will display your picture at all times and allows you to interchange pictures as you please.

And if all else fails, there are dozens of online outlets that let you upload your favorite pictures and print them on mugs of all shapes and sizes.

While it might not be the homemade project that you once envisioned, these mugs will still bring smiles to the faces of those who drink out of them.

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