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Get Started With Your Own Mug Printing

Make money with your own photo mug business. Learn about mug printing equipment, machines, supplies and methods for printing mugs. It's easy! Get started today.

Is your head full of great logos and designs for coffee mugs that you're just dying to share?

Why not start printing mugs with your designs on them and make some money while you're at it?

A mug printing business is one of the cheapest business opportunities to start.

Everything you need to get started can be had for under $500.00 including a coffee mug press machine.

3 Steps to Start a Photo Mug Business

#1 - Equipment

First, you'll need to get the right photo mug printing equipment. Here is a simple list of supplies that you'll need to put together a Mug Printing Kit (this is for very basic equipment - if you're planning on printing lots of mugs you may want to upgrade certain thinks like the printer or inks):

Photo Mug Press ($89.00) - a simple machine that is shaped to hold a mug and heat it under pressure for several minutes.

Sublimation Mugs ($1.25 each) - These are specially coated mugs that will take sublimation ink to work in a heated mug press.

Transfer Paper (100 sheets for $20.00) - This is special paper that takes special ink. You print your photos on in. Then, you lay the paper over the mug and put it in the mug press and it heats the photo into the surface of the mug.

Sublimation Ink Kit ($69.00) - This is the special ink that you use to print your photo onto the transfer paper.

Compatible Printer ($69.00) - You need a compatible printer that works with sublimation ink like an entry level Epson Workforce 30.

Computer I'm assuming you already have a computer with an adequate photo program such as Photoshop.

Total Cost: $248.25

#2 - Photo Program Training

It's important that you are able to use a good computer photo program like Photoshop. If you're already proficient at one of these, you're half way there.

If not, you would need to take some online tutorials or attend a local class to become good at manipulating photos with a photo program.

#3 - Learn the Mug Pressing Process

This is actually easier than the photo program part. Once you have a good photo printed onto the right transfer paper with the right sublimation ink, the rest is pretty easy.

Most coffee mug presses come with good instructions. If you need further help tutorials and videos are easy to access online. They walk you through the simple process of heating the ink into the mug.

<<< Check out this easy to read, informative book about printing personalized stuff and making money from it.

She writes in a voice that is easy to relate to and shares a lot of great information about starting a business.

That's really all there is to getting started printing photo mugs. The only limits are your creativity in creating and sharing great mug designs with the world.

You can start making money with your own photo mug business.

What other business could you start up so easily for under $500.00 and be making your product within a few hours or days of receiving all of your photo mug equipment.

It's a great chance to use your creativity to put something out into the world that will make someone smile every time they go to drink their morning cup of coffee.

So, go for it! Start printing your own cool coffee mugs.

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