Fun Photo Insert Mug
Tips and Ideas

Best advice on how to make a photo insert mug, cup, or plastic tumbler. Kids and adults will love designing their own insulated coffee travel mug.

Coffee picture travel mugs make awesome unique gifts for people who are hard to shop for.

They're easy and fun to make.

They're very personal and heartfelt.

They make a great gift for any occasion: Going away
Get well
Sports Fan
Him, Her, Mom, Dad, Friend, Sister, Brother... just about anyone.

Host a "Make a Photo Mug" Party

It can also be fun to host a "Make a Photo Mug Party" for your friends.

You provide a bunch of photo tumblers (which are cheap to buy).

They bring pictures, scrapbooking supplies, stencils, markers, movie and sporting event tickets, or any other memorabilia they can think of.

Enjoy some appetizers, DRINK SOME COFFEE (of course), and get creative.

Affordable Photo Insert Mug

This is an affordable 14oz. flip top mug. It's easy to use and easy to insert your photo. It has a silicone seal to keep your pic safe and dry.

BPA free.

It also has a contoured body to make it easier to hold.

It probably isn't going to become your everyday commuter mug, but it will hold up and function pretty well, while still not breaking the budget.

Care instructions: hand wash.

Inexpensive Photo Insert Mug

This one has been around for years. It holds 14 ounces.

It has a flip top lid, like some of the more expensive travel mugs, to prevent accidental splashing.

It also has a contoured body to make it easier to hold.

Simple and easy to use, the price on this photo travel mug is relatively cheap for the amount of fun it can provide. Awesome for that fun, endearing gift for someone you love.

Care instructions: Hand wash.

Best Photo Insert Mug

This is the highest quality scrapbooking tumbler I have found.  I've been using Aladdin mugs for years and they are well made and hold up well through lots of use.

This mug holds 16 ounces and is well insulated to keep your coffee warm.

It has a convenient snap shut lid, fits a standard car cup holder, and is BPA free.

Most importantly, it's really easy to create your own custom photo design.

It comes with an included template for you to cut an paste photos. Or if you are techie, you can go online and print additional templates at the Aladdin website.

Care instructions: Hand washing recommended.

You can also purchase a similar Aladdin Blank Canvas Mug 16oz.

For more tips on creating your photo pages and for getting the most out of your photo travel coffee mugs see Photo Mug Kit Ideas and Help

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