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Memories for the Unique Coffee Drinkers in Your Life

By using a personalized coffee cup you can let everyone know that your daily coffee mug is yours and yours alone, in a playful way of course. Coffee cups emblazoned with your name, initials, photo or nickname are a great way to start each and every morning.

While they might sound funny at first, you’ll quickly see that setting your coffee mug apart from the rest is something that will come in handy around the house and at the office. These one-of-a-kind mugs make great, thoughtful gifts. They are often found at tourist attractions around the world and can be fun and distinct souvenirs.

Popular styles and trends

As you can imagine, they come in a very wide variety of styles, sizes and materials.

The most popular kind of personalized mug is the standard ceramic mug. But newer trends have allowed plastic and stainless steel travel mugs to be personalized as well.

Because they are called ‘personalized mugs’ doesn’t necessarily have to mean that your name is strewn across the cup in bold letters (although this does seem to be the popular style of choice).

You can get your first name, last name, initials, nickname or anything else that represents you written on the mug.

Some personalized coffee cups can even showcase a photo of you and your family, kids, or friends for an extra personalized touch.

Where can I buy one?

Most personalized coffee mugs are made to order. That is, you place an online order for a mug with a specific name, nickname or saying.

This allows you to be as creative as you want to be. All colors, scripts and decorations are available. If you can't think of a design, then there is an online shop that can whip up a personalized coffee cup just to your liking.

With that being said, you are probably well aware that they can be purchased at just about any big tourist attraction.

Fun mugs like these make for great souvenirs for kids and adults alike. These are perfect for your friends and family members that have common names, but keep in mind that it is often hard to find unique spellings or uncommon names.

Great for the office

Whether your mug has your name or “World’s Best Dad” written across the mug, it will definitely get noticed around the office.

While you might just like the mug because of its style, it will also make sure that you always get your coffee cup from the office kitchen.

If you leave your plain mug overnight in the office dishwasher or sink, chances are that you have won’t get the same mug the next day. Because most ceramic mugs look alike, it is hard to tell them apart from one another.

But if you use a personalized mug, then you can be sure that you always get the same cup day after day. This means that decorative coffee mugs that have your initials, first or last name, or even a fun photo, no matter how hokey they might look, will serve a good purpose at your work.

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