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We have the best women's and men's novelty coffee mug designs online. Hand selected funny coffee mugs for golfers, co-workers, bosses, dads, moms, friends, nurses, people without mustaches, almost everyone.

Think of this as your online novelty mug store. Choose from a large selection of designs with hilarious quotes, funny sayings, and unique designs and images.

Here are ten of the most popular novelty mugs. For many more funny mugs see the link at the bottom to return to the main funny mugs page.

The Mustache Mug

Here's a quote from the description page for this mug. It sums it up perfectly.

"Confucius once said, 'A man without a moustache is a man without a soul.' And who could argue with him? (especially since he's dead) Throughout history, mustaches have adorned the faces of remarkable men, and a few special women. Our Moustache Mug celebrates 14 of the world's most celebrated mustaches and the men who made them famous."

It comes with a gift box which tells you who each of the 14 mustaches belong to.

The Classic Toilet Mug

This hilarious novelty coffee mug is the perfect gag gift. It is a fully functional 12 oz ceramic mug (although it can be a bit awkward to drink from... hello, you have a toilet in your face).

Awesome gag gift, fun to carry around work to lighten the mood.

It's impossible not to laugh, smile, or say something "dirty" when you see someone with this mug.

This is the original toilet mug.

Holds 12 ounces. Hand washing recommended. Just don't use a toilet brush.

Photo Lens Mug

This mug would be the perfect gift for any photographer. It is designed to look like the Canon Model EF 24-105mm f / 4L IS USM Lens.

It is made of quality materials including stainless steel interior.

It actually zooms and the moving parts actually work similarly to a real Nikon lens. This is a functional mug.

It's best if not used as a travel mug, as the narrow base and non-leak proof lid wouldn't be ideal for the car. Great for home or office use. Good father's day gift for dad.

Holds 11 ounces with the lid on.

Fisticup Brass Knuckles Mug

If you don't like this mug you can punch me in the face with it. Okay, not really, that would break my "mug", and yours.

Seriously though, this is a quality novelty coffee mug that would be a big "hit" wherever you use it. The "knuckles" are kind of small for the big of hand, but the mug is too awesome for that to be a deal breaker.

High fire ceramic mug with a metal handle (hand wash and don't microwave it).

If you want to heat your coffee up, go Chuck Norris style and reheat it using the friction from punching somebody's face.

Okay, I realize I'm getting out of control with the face punching analogies. I'm putting the mug down and stepping away slowly....

"Stacked Cups" Ceramic 12 oz Mug

This is 1 mug designed to look like 3 tea cups stacked together. Very cool looking novelty mug, but fully functional.

Everyone who reviews this novelty coffee mug loves it.

It gets laughs, looks, and creates conversations. Holds 10 ounces easily. It's fun to drink out of this creative design.

Includes a gift box.

The Gun Mug

If you don't like this mug you can shoot me in the face with it. Not really, but seriously this is how I feel after I've had waaaay to much coffee and I'm having the worst crash ever. "Shoot me now!"

This is a real ceramic mug, dishwasher safe.


Drink your iced coffee from this double-walled-wine-glass-trapped-in-a-beer-stein novelty coffee mug.

No one will know what hit them.

Sorry, I just can't get away from the punching analogies. Darn you Fisticup, pour me another two fingers.

Grenade Mug

Put this mug on the corner of your desk and watch as no one complains to you anymore. Yeah, that's right complainers, it a grenade, not just a number dispenser. 12 oz's, dishwasher safe. Great gift for a military dad or someone in customer service.

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Thanks for not punching me in the face. I'm really scared of that mug now. I hope you found the fun coffee mug or gag gift that you were looking for and that you didn't hurt yourself in the process.

Wishing you all the best.

- Steve

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