Nissan Stainless Steel Coffee Mugs

Buy and review best quality Nissan stainless steel coffee mugs by Thermos. Find travel tumblers for sale with handles, caribeaners, and spill proof lids in 14 oz and 18 oz sizes.

These are the best quality vacuum insulated stainless steel travel mugs. Thermos has been making great insulated containers and mugs for a long time and some of their products just keep getting better.

Carabiner Travel Mug

This is the overwhelmingly popular Nissan stainless steel carabiner travel coffee tumbler.

It's a double-wall vacuum insulated coffee mug that holds 14 ounces. It fits in a standard car cup holder.

This high quality mug features a spill proof lid, a contoured rim for easy, comfortable, no drip drinking, a soft grip handle, and, of course, a carabiner clip for hooking onto your backpack when you're done.

Care instructions: Not recommended for use in the dishwasher. Not for microwave use. For best cleaning, the lid can be taken apart (an important feature for great tasting coffee every time).

14 oz Travel Tumbler

These 14 oz quality Nissan stainless steel coffee mugs are extremely durable.

This mug is well insulated with double-wall vacuum insulation.

It features an easy to use flip top for one-handed operation. It isn't necessarily spill proof, but is splash proof if kept upright.

It is also available in cranberry and midnight blue.

Care instructions: Hand wash. Do not microwave.

18 oz Travel Tumbler

This is a great Nissan insulated travel tumbler in the perfect size (18 ounces)for the big coffee drinker.

It has the same double-wall vacuum insulation to keep coffee good and hot.

This mug features a flip top closure that seals tight to prevent spilling and splashing. It doesn't claim to be spill proof, but it's great if kept upright.

Care instructions: Hand wash only. Not for microwave use.

Easy Sipping Commuter Mug

This convenient stainless commuter mug is perfect for your daily drive.

It features an easy to operate push lever opening for spill free sipping. As soon as you let go of the lever it seals again for easy commuting.

This vacuum insulated stainless travel tumbler holds 14 oz's of hot coffee, and fits in regular car cup holders.

Care instructions: Not recommended for use in the dishwasher. Not for microwave use. I recommend hand cleaning the lid thoroughly with each use to prevent buildup, especially if you use cream in your coffee.

OXO Good Grips Brush

As with almost all stainless steel coffee mugs the Thermos Nissan series requires hand washing.

Fortunately, stainless is pretty easy to clean.

To make that job even easier, I recommend getting a good bottle brush to make scrubbing in those hard-to-reach deep down corners and for getting into the nooks and crannies of the lid.

This OXO brush has received rave reviews and will make your mug cleaning go smoothly, easily, and quickly.

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