Nightmare Before Christmas
Coffee Mug

Buy the best gift for your favorite Jack Skellington fan with a Nightmare Before Christmas Coffee Mug. Find large coffee mugs with Jack, Sally, and Zero. Black, red, and gold mug designs.

Find the best Christmas coffee mugs from your favorite movie by Tim Burton and Disney. Also find other Nightmare Before Christmas gifts for the holidays.

The mugs below are divided up into categories to help you find the best gift for your movie lover.

Jack Skellington Mugs

Here are few classics of the Skeleton King himself. If Jack is your favorite character you'll likely prefer one of these. For a few more unique mug choices see the others below.

Gold and Red Jack and Sally Mugs

For a little more color in your mug try one of these. Choose from a gold Jack image or a red lined mug. Get the Sally head mug for the Sally fan in your life.

Other Nightmare Before Christmas Gifts

These are a few of my favorite gifts relating to the movie. Cuddle up in one of these fleece wraps with your favorite Nightmare Before Christmas Coffee Cup. Or play Nightmare Monopoly with the family for the holidays.

These certainly are not your every day Christmas mugs. In fact, if you like Halloween, and Halloweentown, more than Christmas these mugs are probably for you.

So this Christmas leave the lights in that box in the garage. Instead, carve a jack-o-lantern and take a nice Christmas Eve stroll through a cemetery. Maybe you'll even run into some of your Nightmare Before Christmas friends.

Review a Mug in This Category

Have you used one of these mugs or another mug in this category? Good or Bad we want to hear about it! Give the coffee mug a rating from 1 to 5 (5 is highest). What do you like? What don't you like? Would you recommend the mug to a friend?

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