Make a Photo Mug Yourself
Design it Online or at Home

Add pictures yourself to make a photo mug online or at home. Personalize your stainless steel travel mugs, ceramic cups, or plastic tumblers with custom photos and text.

On this website you'll find:

- A great place to make fun ceramic, glass, and stainless steel photo mugs online.

- Tips for creating your photo collage using a photo insert mug.

- The best photo insert mugs for you to buy online.

- Secrets to caring for your photo mug kit to preserve your photos and your mug.

Where to Make a Coffee Photo Mug

Your Photo Mug mug

Create Your Mug
More Photo Mugs

Zazzle has it going on when it comes to creating your own fun photo coffee mugs.

You can customize just about everything about the mug from the color, size, style, and of course the photo and text.

It's easy to do. You just click on the link, click customize, upload your photo, type in a quote, name or message, arrange it however you want, and you're done!

Stainless Photo Mug mug

Stainless Photo Mug

You can print a photo on ceramic, stainless steel, or a frosted glass mug.

Seriously, I like to just go on there and upload photos and put funny captions on them. It's hilarious!

Then when you've created the perfect mug, they'll create it and you have a great memory to last a long, long time.

Care instructions: To best preserve your photo hand washing is recommended. Could you throw it in the top shelf of your dishwasher and get away with it? Probably, but for longest life, hand washing is best.

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Tips for Creating a Photo Insert Mug

- If a paper insert template comes already in your mug, either add your pictures directly to it, or trace it onto the background that you want to use.

- Scrapbooking pages make really cool backgrounds for photos and text.

- To make a photo mug quickly and easily, attach your photos using double-sided tape, scotch tape rolled over, or a glue stick.

- If you're computer savvy, use templates online or use a photo program to modify photos, create designs, borders, backgrounds, collages and more. Then print and cut them to insert into your photo mug.

- If you want to be really creative, paint, color or draw on your template. Add fabric, (if it will fit into your mug's walls) embroidery, or hand-written notes to create great memories.

- Finally, consider laminating your creation to help preserve it. Photo insert mugs have a tendency to leak from time to time. See caring for your photo mug kit for a lot of easy tips on preventing leaks.

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Designing a mug yourself is so much fun and it makes the best gifts because they're so personal. Thanks for visiting and learning how to make a photo mug. Wishing you all the best.

- Steve

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