Footed Irish Coffee Mugs Add A Little Something Extra to Any Hot Beverage

Beautifully crafted and different from traditional coffee cups, footed Irish mugs are great for morning coffees and even better for warm after-dinner drinks. The traditional glass mugs are typically found in restaurants and up-scale bars, but are also great accessories to have on hand if you enjoy entertaining guests.

Fancier than normal coffee cups, they are a great way to cap off a fun evening with friends. While Irish coffee and Irish coffee mugs are usually placed in the same breath, there is no reason that these beautiful and elegant mugs can’t be used on an everyday basis.

About Irish Mugs

Irish coffee mugs differ from traditional coffee mugs in a number of ways. First, they are usually not made out of plastic, ceramic or stainless steel.

These cups are usually made from clear glass. Because of this, the cup is fitted with a small handle so that the drinker doesn’t have to touch the hot glass when sipping. And the foot at the bottom of the cup elevates it slightly and gives it a classy touch.

You can find some mug models that are made out of stoneware with traditional Irish script and decoration. These Irish coffee cups have a unique and quite authentic Celtic feel to them.

Most modern styles are both microwavable and dishwasher safe. This makes cleaning up after a dinner party that much easier since they can go right in the dishwasher with the other dishes. The foot on the bottom of the cup makes them extra sturdy and most Irish mugs are made from thick, crystal glass and are durable and long lasting.

Most Irish mugs can hold 8 to 12 ounces, which is what a standard sized coffee mug holds. They are great for coffees, teas, lattes, and other warm beverages. Cold drinks are not usually served in Irish coffee mugs because of their smaller capacity. Plus, there is something so pleasing about sipping and winding down with a warm Irish mug in hand.

But really, the best part about footed Irish coffee mugs is that they are synonymous with traditional hot, alcoholic drinks. While a coffee can be a great way to finish off an evening, some people prefer a hot toddy, cider, or yes, an Irish coffee.

Irish Coffee Recipe

Want to make your own Irish coffee in your Irish coffee mug? Follow the easy recipe below and enjoy this heart-warming beverage in no time.

You’ll need:

1 ½ ounce Irish whiskey

1 tsp brown sugar

6 ounces of hot, freshly brewed coffee

and heavy cream

In your footed Irish coffee mug, pour in the hot coffee, whiskey and sugar and stir until dissolved. You’ll want to make sure that the sugar is completely dissolved before moving onto the next step. It helps keep the cream floated on top.

Next, gently float the cream on top of the coffee so that it sits perfectly above the drink. Don’t mix at this point, but rather sip through the cream and enjoy your delicious Irish coffee.

If you aren’t a fan of whiskey or want to make a non-alcoholic version, omit the Irish whiskey and still enjoy a tasty beverage in your glass Irish coffee mug.

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