Insulated Coffee Mugs

Choose the Best Stainless, Paper, or Plastic Cups

Millions of insulated coffee mugs are used daily by people worldwide wanting to enjoy every last sip of a hot cup of Joe while on the go.

These transportable and heat-saving mugs are not only great for travel, but are also perfect for the office, school, shopping or even just lounging around the house.

Between stainless steel cups, thermal plastic mugs, and even heat protecting ceramic cups with lids, there are literally hundreds of different mugs to choose from. If you are looking for the perfect travel mug for your morning commute, then take a look at the options and features below to see which combination works best for you.

Types of Insulated Coffee Mugs

Temperature trapping mugs like these are made out of a wide range of insulting materials. Some are proven to work better than others, while some other materials look nicer and are easier to transport.

Stainless Steel

The most popular insulated travel mug has to be the stainless steel coffee travel mugs. These sleek, temperature-maintaining mugs are the top choice for coffee drinkers on the move.

Most models come with a double-wall feature, which allows for the hot or cold beverage to stay that way as long as possible. This also helps to maintain the outside of the mug at room temperature, ensuring that the coffee mug doesn’t get too hot to touch.

Stainless steel mugs can also be equipped with handles or rubber grips to protect the hand and allow for a more comfortable hold.

Plastic Mugs

Plastic insulated coffee mugs come in a close second to stainless steel mugs in popularity. They are great because the cups are lightweight, virtually indestructible, and can be customized with just about any logo or slogan. These plastic insulated coffee cups are often given as company gifts or promotional giveaways, at weddings, and at family reunions.

Plastic mugs from various Starbucks locations are quite popular as well. The best feature about these mugs is that they too come double-walled to trap in the heat, and are usually paired with a plastic handle for comfortable and practical sipping on the road.


Paper insulated coffee cups are also a great alternative if you need a disposable cup that is made of a good insulating material.

Paper cup construction has been greatly improved over the years to make them better insulated and great for the office or for travel.

Other Considerations

Tight Closing Lids

One thing you want to make sure of when purchasing an insulated coffee mug is that the lid firmly latches on to the cup and stays in place. After all, you are using this thermal coffee mug during your hectic morning commute, on your desk with important papers, and carrying it around with you all day.

The last thing you want is a faulty lid spilling hot liquids onto your work clothes.

Pick a mug with a lid that has a tight seal. If it is plastic or stainless steel be sure that the drink opening is easy to flip open, but closes tight at the turn of a dial or push of a button.

Benefits of Insulated Mugs

Insulated coffee mugs also come with additional benefits that are great for you and the environment. These travel mugs can be used again and again, and therefore eco friendly and cost efficient. Also, consider models that are made in the USA. Buying locally made products helps to support the local economy.


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