Cozy Hot Chocolate Drinking Set

Hug Mugs allow you to cozy up nice and close with a relaxing warm beverage by utilizing a unique double wall ceramic that won’t transfer heat to your hands. What exactly is it? These cute and cuddly cups (yes a coffee mug can be cuddly!) require you to cradle the mug in both hands. This gets you right in on the taste, smell and feel of any hot drink you enjoy.

This holiday set is only available around Christmas. The Hug Mug’s double wall insulation keeps the beverage nice and toasty on the inside, but keeps the outside cool enough to touch. These soup bowl-like mugs are great for snuggling around the fireplace, perfect for kids that have a hard time with heavy handles and can even make your morning coffee feel like a special treat.

Perfect for Hot Chocolate

Drinking a hot cup of hot chocolate has never been easier. Mugs filled with hot cocoa are often topped with marshmallows or whipped cream, which can cause the liquid to easily spill over the sides. Hug Mugs help keep the hot chocolate inside the mug, at least until it reaches your lips. It has no side handle and lets you get nice and close to your favorite warm beverage and enjoy every sip until the last drop.

Great for Kids

What kid doesn’t love hot chocolate? But any parent knows that giving a child a cup of hot cocoa to sip on can be a difficult, not to mention messy, experience. A child’s small hands have a hard time grasping and properly stabilizing traditional coffee mugs with handles. This often results in spills, stains and even burns.

They are great for kids because they not only teach them to use both hands when drinking a heavy drink, but also keep their hands cool thanks to double wall insulation. The ceramic mug is made with two separate heat-protecting linings, which work together to minimize the external surface temperature of the mug.

This allows kids to get in close to their drinks and use both their small hands to manage the cup from the table to their mouths without spills. Not only will they love the cozy feel of the mug, but parents will also love having to do less chocolate covered laundry!

Ideal for Campfires and Fireplace Gatherings

There is something so nice and inviting about a hot cup of chocolate, coffee or tea on a chilly day. And there are few things more heavenly than curling up to a fireplace with a loved one.

Warm your fingers while warming your belly by getting your hands wrapped around the sides of a mug. It’s perfectly shaped for cradling hands and creates the ultimate intimate experience that goes hand in hand with campfires and fireplace gatherings. Snuggle with your loved one and a warm beverage for a romantic and memorable evening. Let Hug Mugs thaw out your cold fingers and spark a fire in your heart.

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