Horse Coffee Mugs

Ceramic and Travel Mugs in Singles and Sets

Inspired by the majesty of the graceful and powerful animals, horse coffee mugs are a truly unique way to start the morning off right. Saddle up and get ready for the day with a horse coffee mug that helps show off your equestrian love.

Ceramic Horse Mugs

Often featuring screen prints of beautiful oil paintings, ceramic horse coffee mugs are about as charming as coffee cups come. Coffee cups with majestic horse filled scenes are widely available, as well as mugs specifically made for the cowboys or cowgirls that ride the animals.

There are some ceramic mugs with “I love my horse” saying on them. And there is an abundance of coffee cups that feature beautiful photos or paintings of wild horses. Modern and traditional styled horse coffee mugs can be found at various online stores, such as Amazon, Ebay and Etsy.

Travel Horse Coffee Mugs

Travel coffee mugs that feature alluring and magical scenes of horses running through streams, fields and other open areas are also popular items. They make for great gifts for riders of all ages. One of the best brands that feature the stunning travel mugs is River’s Edge.

Known for their hunting, fishing and all outdoor activity accessories, the brand’s coffee mugs that feature horses are one of the highlights of their mug collection. And I know that any horse lover is sure to enjoy their morning coffee out of the unique styles the brand manufactures. In fact, these travel mugs close so tightly that you might even be able to use it during your next ride.

Just maybe go a little easy with the galloping while sipping away at the hot coffee!

Personalized Horse Coffee Mugs

Your Photo Mug mug

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You spend much of your time with your beloved animal that your horse ends up feeling like a member of your family. Why not snap a picture of you on your horse and upload it to a photo mug printing site for an extra special, extra personalized coffee mug.

You’ll love drinking out of the cup each morning and it’s bound to become your favorite mug in no time at all. And since riding often happens early in the morning, you’ll also enjoy that you can get a good dose of caffeine and show off your love for horses all at the same time.

Western-Themed Coffee Mugs

Know a cowboy or cowgirl that loves their coffee almost as much as they love riding? Then you might want to consider getting them a western-themed coffee mug, emblazoned with scenes of horses roaming the free, open plains. In fact, these gorgeous cups are great for anyone with western-themed kitchens.

You don’t have to own a horse to enjoy drinking coffee out of a equestrian style mug each and every morning.

Western themed kitchens and dining rooms are the perfect place for horse coffee mug sets. Why have one cup that coordinates with your existing décor when you can have a whole set for you, your family and your guests to enjoy?! Mix and match a few different mugs that feature various equestrian inspired scenes. Or purchase a set that was crafted to go together.

Vintage mugs and mug sets, those that are especially one-of-a-kind, can be found online on Ebay and other resale sites, such as Etsy. With so many horse lovers around the world, I know you will find a horse mug set that’s perfect for you and your coffee needs.

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