Best Holiday Coffee Mug Gifts

Find your perfect holiday coffee mug for the season. A mug makes a great gift. Give it individually or in a set. Serve Santa's milk and cookies with fancy mugs and plates.

Give your guests an unforgettable evening by serving their coffee in one of these beautiful Christmas coffee mugs.

Lenox Holiday Mugs

Lenox makes fine quality dinnerware and these holiday mugs are no exception. Choose from any of these beautiful styles to warm your guests during the holidays.

Care instructions: These festive mugs are all dishwasher safe. Some are microwave safe. Others are not due to gold trim and other included materials.

Spode Christmas Tree Mugs

These beautiful mugs have a timeless Christmas tree design dating back to 1938. These are the epitome of holiday tradition for anyone adding to or starting a new Christmas collection.

They are perfect for entertaining or just snuggling by a fire on a cold winter night. The sprig of mistletoe inside the mug helps to light the holiday spirit.

Waechtersbach Holiday Mugs

Waechtersbach has been making quality tableware since 1832. These holiday mugs bring bold designs and bright colors to your table on fine high-fire porcelain.

Care instructions: These beautifully crafted mugs are dishwasher safe. Not recommended for microwave use.

Starbucks Holiday Mugs

Whenever I think of the holidays I start to dreaming of eggnog and pumpkin spice lattes. I dream of days off lounging at Starbucks with hot coffee in my hands, friendly conversation, a good magazine, and a warm fire going.

These Starbucks holiday mugs are sure to inspire you to dream coffee dreams wherever you're enjoying yours.

May your holidays be bright and warm and full of cheer. May your coffee stay hot and may the sounds and smells of the season bring joy to your heart and perfect coffee to your cup. Happy Holidays.

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