Heavy Coffee Mugs

Retro Restaurant-Style Thick Coffee Mugs

Heavy coffee mugs, like those found in restaurants, diners and coffee shops, are cherished by traditional coffee drinkers all over the country. Although usually reserved for coffee, and coffee alone, there’s no reason they can’t make great cups for tea, warmed drink mixes and hot chocolate.

Heavy on Style

This throwback style is typically found in smaller cafes and coffee shops, yet these mugs are a great addition to any home or office collection. They are sturdy, virtually unbreakable, and for some reason or another, coffee just seems to taste better when sipped from these restaurant style coffee mugs.

When I talk about heavy coffee mugs, I’m referring to those often off-white ceramic mugs, complete with handle, that are substantially heavier than traditional mugs used in the home or office. While the hefty mugs are traditionally made out of white ceramic, there is no shortage of colors or patterns on the market today.

All white sets look great, and can be easily replaced if a cup or two goes missing. But, eclectic mixes of bright and colorful mugs are also fun to have in your cupboard or hanging on your coffee mug tree.

All Occasion Mugs

The retro-styled mugs are so heavy that they often weigh in at over one pound a piece. These mugs can usually hold about 8 fluid ounces and tend to do a great job insulating any hot liquid inside.

One thing that’s for sure is that these mugs will be universally loved around your house or the office. Whether you enjoy your coffee while reading the newspaper each morning or have friends over for an afternoon cup or two, restaurant-style coffee mugs can make any kitchen or breakfast nook feel like a real café.

They can bring a traditional coffee shop feel to any business or home. Guests that stop by for a cup of Joe will be delighted by the classic feel and solid design of the mug.

Sturdy and Reliable

Because the walls on these heavy mugs are much thicker than other coffee cups, they are much more sturdy and reliable than thinner mugs. This means that they will stay put when set down and won’t get easily knocked over.

The heavy bottom keeps these mugs from being tipped over and spilling coffee all over your desk or kitchen floor. The thick walls help ensure that the coffee stays piping hot for as long as it possibly can. This is one reason that people really enjoy using these cups religiously for their morning cup.

In addition to the sturdy design, the thick and hefty walls keep the heavy coffee mugs from chipping or breaking like other thinner mugs might do. It can even withstand a tumble from a top shelf and come out unscathed…although I don’t recommend trying this! Their solid design makes the mugs both dishwashers and microwave safe.

If you want a cup of coffee reminiscent to those that are served in any retro coffee shop, then consider buying a set of these heavy coffee mugs for all your hot drink needs.

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