Funny Coffee Mugs for Bosses

Funny coffee mugs for bosses will allow the head honcho at your work to show off his funny bone and start each work day with a smile. Giving your boss a novelty mug is a great way to say ‘thanks’ for all the hard work he or she has put into the company over the years. Plus, making sure that they are in a good mood with a humorous mug will make your work environment that much better.

World’s Best Boss Mug

These are some of the funniest coffee mugs for bosses around.

Straight from the hit television series The Office, these mugs are now widely available online.

While you might be lucky enough to actually have the best boss ever, he or she will truly appreciate these novelty cups, even if they are a bit tongue in cheek.

Also, if your boss is constantly on the go for his job, then the world’s best boss coffee mugs are now available in plastic and ceramic travel mugs.

Photo Mug of the Whole Gang

Are you, your coworkers and your superiors a tight knit group? Do you consider yourself a family away from family?

If so, a photo mug of you and the whole office group would make for a memorable and funny coffee mug for your boss.

Go around the office and get candid photos of your coworkers. Or take a hilarious group shot where you are all making funny faces. Have fun with the idea and do something that will make your boss smile every morning.

If you work in a small office and want to give your boss a set of mugs, put one employees’ goofy picture per mug. Then let your boss decide which person’s mug he wants to drink out of each morning.

With a little bit of affordable equipment, you can print your own coffee mug for you boss right at home. Or have one of the many online printing outlets professionally do it for you.

Great Retirement Coffee Mugs for Bosses

If the time has come for your beloved boss to step down and you are looking for the perfect gift for your future ex-boss, then funny retirement mugs for bosses could be just what you both need.

While retirement parties are often full of tears and sad faces, you can liven up the mood by giving your adored boss one of the many hilarious retirement mugs available.

Sayings like “The pay stinks, but the hours are good.” or “Retirement, one big looong coffee break” are a few of the popular choices.

Some mugs even have the ‘new’ definition of retirement, as follows,

“Retired adj.: 1. thrilled to be their own boss 2. has no alarm clock, no commute, no problems 3. knows it all and has plenty of time to tell you about it."

Put a few packages of gourmet coffee in the cup and it a complete and memorable going away gift. Plus, your old boss will really enjoy sipping out of the mug and remembering the good times he had with you and your whole office. There are so many varieties available that you’re sure to find a funny coffee mug for you boss at any regular or sale price.

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