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Review the best French Press Mug designs including Bodum, Planetary Designs Boot Cut travel presses.

Are you frequently on the go, traveling for business, commuting, or spending time in the outdoors with infrequent access to good coffee? A travel coffee press could be just the thing for you.

Also see the new and unique Aerobie Aeropress coffee press.

Buy the best travel press mugs from stainless steel insulated mugs to plastic mugs with handles.

Planetary Design French Press Mugs

These press mugs are beautifully made by a quality company. They are well insulated and feature a double filtration system to help filter out those finer grounds (no french press that I know of will do this perfectly, but these do it well).

The silver mug featured above even has a hidden storage area in the base that can hold another mug worth of grounds so you can brew up a second cup on the go.

The boot cut press has a wider base for use around the computer or office. It's low center of gravity keeps tipping spills to a minimum.

Finally, the Desk Press is made to be very durable and well insulated for a long, hard day of work.

More Travel Press Mugs

The Bodum mugs are very high quality. I only included one here to make room for the others, but there is a whole page dedicated to a range of styles and colors of Bodum french press coffee mugs.

The GSI Outdoors Java Press and the Mira are two unique travel mugs that allow you to brew on the move.

The last one here is the Aerobie AeroPress which technically isn't a travel mug, but I wanted to include because it's really cool.

It's a very simple, portable coffee press that uses air pressure to force the hot water through the grounds making an espresso-like brew. It's new. It's interesting. You've probably heard of it already. If not, there it is.

Thanks for reading, wishing you all best.

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