Share Your Favorite "Mug Shot"

Share a photo and story about your favorite coffee mug or mugs. I'll create a web page just for you about your mug and your story.

Come on, you know you have a great story about how you came to own your favorite mug... so let's hear it.

Your favorite mug can be a stainless steel coffee mug, a plastic or ceramic travel mug, a photo mug, some really unique, humorous coffee mug or any awesome mug that you want to show off.

Share Your Favorite "Mug Shot"

Have photos of your favorite coffee mug? Post them here along with a description of what brand of mug it is. Include your story about why it is your favorite. (Only submissions that include an original photo are accepted).

Other Visitors' Favorite Mug Shots

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Awesome clay 
I got this mug from a friend of mine. It is just pure awesomeness. Handmade with a super cool design.

The Best Stainless Steel Coffee Mug Story Ever  
So this is my favorite stainless steel coffee mug and I'll tell you why. If you can see in the details in the photo it is personalized on the side to …

My Favorite Plastic Travel Mug 
My wife bought me one of these Recycled and Recyclable Aladdin Travel Mugs and it has been great. I like this plastic mug because it's light weight …

FREEBEE beaker Mug Not rated yet
This is my latest mug and I will tell you now, it is not for the faint of heart. It holds close to 24oz. of liquid which is astounding for a clay mug in …

All-in-one Mug Not rated yet
I call this my all-in-one mug because it really is. I use it for coffee naturally but I also use it for soup! When I'm at work I don't always have …

Coffee BEAN-er Mug Not rated yet
I got this mug as a gift one year and it is awesome because its got a carabiner for a handle. Great for clipping to your pack when breakfast is over and …

Bird Mug Not rated yet
I bought it six months ago.

Super Insulator Not rated yet
This is one of four favorite mugs that I use. It belonged to a friend of mine and when he moved he left it at work so I claimed it as my own. My mug …

Mountain Mug Not rated yet
This mug was given to me by my friend Rich - a mountain guide for Shasta Mountain Guides, among others. This is the perfect size to fit my hand in to …

Mountain Man Mugs Not rated yet
My most favorite coffee mug EVER was given to me by a very good friend named Steve. It was a hand-made mug that was designed to look like tree bark. The …

My Grandma's Mug Not rated yet
This is one in a set of mugs that are very dear to me. They used to be my grandma's. She bought them decades ago when the earthy yellows, browns, and …

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By the way, I have four favorite coffee mugs.

One is a stainless steel mug with a handle that says "Crew Chef". I got it for free when I cooked for a volunteer trail crew on the Continental Divide Trail.

The second is a handmade pottery mug that I made threw on the pottery wheel and carved. It's a unique mug, one of a kind.

The third is a 6 oz white coffee cup that I frequently use to drink my morning coffee. It's just the right size to help me pace my coffee intake until I've had a decent breakfast.

The last one is a simple blue plastic coffee travel mug/ tumbler. It was a free coffee mug as well. I like to think that it found me. I've loved it ever since.

Anyway, that's my little coffee mug story. Thanks for contributing. Wishing you all the best.


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