Flower Pot Coffee Mug

Update: I finally found a flower pot coffee mug available on Amazon. Yay!! Here it is...

It's been a long search but there it is. Super cute with the terracotta look and funky flower designs along the bottom.

Lots of you have been looking for this mug so I'm excited to finally have a link to it.

If that isn't the one you've been looking for then try the link below to see the search results for all Starbucks flower pot mugs.

See All Results for Starbucks Flower Pot Mugs

Okay, now back to the original post...

It can be hard to find a good flower pot coffee mug. Coffee cups are available in miniature terracotta pottery with handles. They can even have logos printed on them.

These mugs are awesome gift ideas for the dedicated gardener. There are even mug sets that have little bags of confetti containing seed packets that you can plant.

The problem is finding them. I've done some searching and it's been hard to find a reliable source for them. However, here are the results of what I've found. Hopefully, I can at least lead you in the right direction on your search.

In short, probably the best source for terracotta coffee mugs is Ebay. There are actually a large number of them for sale there in a wide variety of shapes and styles.

Herb Painted Flower Pot Cup

There are some pretty straightforward mugs at:


They are 14 oz and are painted with little herbs for the avid gardener.

Gardenerd Coffee Mug

There are some other fun ones, like these "Gardenerd" mugs at:


Lincoln Quotes on Terracotta Mug

Also, here are some flower pot mugs that are printed with quotes by Linclon:


Finally, if you haven't found one you like, try a google search using the image button. Then you can browse the images of lots of pot mugs for sale.

Thanks for visiting and reading about terracotta flower pot coffee cups and mugs for sale. I hope you find the mug that you are looking for. Wishing you all the best.

Once again, here is the link to the Starbucks Flower Pot Mugs.

- Steve

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