Collectable Coffee Mugs

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Collectable coffee mugs not only make for great collector’s items, but can also be a fun gift and even a valuable investment for anyone looking to start a collection. With so many different types of coffee mugs, varying in all shapes, motifs and prices, it is difficult to know which are the best mugs available. Have a look at the mugs mentioned below and see if any of these collector’s items catch your eye.

Types of Collectables


Not only does Starbucks have amazing coffee and drink choices, but they also have seasonal mugs that everyone enjoys. Many Starbucks enthusiasts love picking up a mug at popular tourists cities or destinations. A Starbucks city mug collection can feature cups from vacation destinations such as Paris, Berlin, New York or even Beijing.

Star Wars

Star Wars collectables come in all shapes and sizes. And with the blockbuster films not going out of style any time soon, mugs featuring characters from any of the 6 movies make for fun gifts or interesting conversation pieces. Not to mention that rare versions of limited mugs can drastically increase in value over the years! Enjoy your morning coffee by sipping from a Star Wars Mug.


Similar to Star Wars, Disney mugs are treasured by people from all over the world. Vintage cups that feature Disney characters and scenes are popular items, as well as fun and decorative cartoon character mugs. Disney coffee mugs come in all sizes, shapes and decorations, and can cost as little as a few dollars to being valued at well over $100 dollars a piece.


Avon, a staple of makeup, perfume and seasonal gifts, has been producing some of the most sought after coffee mugs for years. Often given as presents during Christmas time, Avon mugs are elegantly designed and feature fun, winter-themed motifs.

Where to Find Collectable Coffee Mugs

Online specialty stores and auction sites, like eBay, feature vast amounts of coffee mugs. Ranging in all brands and collectable categories, if you know what you are looking for and are quick on your feet to bid, you might just score that collectable mug at a great price.

Great as Gifts

Whether your recipient has enjoyed collectable coffee mugs for years, or is just getting into collecting a certain kind of cup, a limited edition and one of a kind coffee mug makes for a fun and memorable gift.


Some collectable coffee mugs have value that increases over time, while others are simply fun to have and use. If you are really serious about making an investment in a collector’s item, like a coffee mug, then make sure to do all the necessary research before buying.

Unfortunately, there are scammers online looking to make an easy buck from people buying collectable coffee mugs they know little about. Do your homework, a little searching and purchasing that perfect coffee mug will be an enjoyable, and hopefully profitable, experience!


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