Coffee Mugs With Lids

Travel Mugs in Ceramic, Plastic, and Stainless

Coffee mugs with lids in ceramic, stainless steel and plastic are not only a great way to avoid spills, but insulated mugs with lids can keep your coffee hot for hours.

These types of mugs have become a daily accessory for coffee drinkers everywhere.

That’s because travel mugs can be easily carried along with you throughout the day and remain leak-proof through even the worse bumps and jolts.

More importantly, they have tight fitting lids to keep the internal temperature evenly relegated.

Travel Mugs With Lids

One of the only things that makes that mad dash between work and home even bearable is a hot cup of coffee to enjoy along the way. These specially designed mugs are great at locking in coffee’s freshness, flavor and hot goodness.

They are durable, some are dishwasher safe and come equipped with tightly fitting lids to keep messy coffee stains off your dry-clean-only work clothes.

There are several popular style travel mugs, complete with fail-proof lids.

Here are a couple of the most popular styles that I personally like that help make traveling to work or long stretches of highway less of a chore.

Stainless Steel Travel Coffee Mugs

Stainless steel travel coffee mugs were almost unheard of about ten or fifteen years ago, but because of the rising popularity of coffee chains around the country, these coffee mugs with lids are one of the most widely used and available coffee mug styles around.

Because of their durability, as well as shiny and sleek exterior, the Thermos Sipp travel mug is a favorite among morning commuters because they are easy to carry from the car to the office.

The lids are well-designed to fit the stainless steel mug body. They lock in flavor, freshness and heat throughout the workday.

See the Best Stainless Coffee Mug the Thermos Sipp.

Ceramic Coffee Mugs With Lids

Stemming from the popularity of stainless steel coffee cups, ceramic coffee mugs, complete with securely fitting lids, are another popular type of travel mug.

These cups utilize ceramic, the standard material in most household mugs, and shape it so that a silicon lid can tightly snap in place on top.

This transforms the every day at-home coffee cup into an easy to bring along travel coffee mug.

Ceramic does a great job of keeping in heat and ceramic travel mugs are easily heated in the microwave; something that cannot be done with the stainless steel mugs.

Ceramic coffee mugs with lids are available in tall or short sizes and are usually equipped with a handle to save your hands from the hot liquid within.

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Thermal Foam Insulated Coffee Mugs with Lids

Before there were stainless steel and ceramic travel coffee mugs, thermal foam insulated coffee mugs were the most popular and widely used choice for daily coffee drinkers.

These extra-durable, long lasting mugs are made from molded plastic that’s insulated with heat-saving foam to keep drinks hot for hours.

They were originally available in convenience stores and gas stations, but made a jump to coffee houses in recent years.

The great thing about these mugs is that they come with extra-tight fitting lids that keep the drink from spilling throughout the day. And, they are not only great at keeping liquids hot, but are perfect for sealing in icy cold beverages as well.

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