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Coffee mug racks made from wood or metal materials are a great way to free up tight cabinet spaces and display your unique and eclectic assortment of coffee cups on the counter.

These types of racks are hugely popular in Europe because of their ability to make use of every spare inch of space in tight kitchens.

The racks take a small spot of bare wall and turn it into a useful storage area for coffee mugs. They can be hung vertically, horizontally or even at a fun angle in order to fit whatever space you need them to.

Here’s what to look for when searching for coffee mug racks. Be sure to get the best that your money can buy so you’ll never have to worry about waking up to a floor full of broken ceramic mugs.

Wooden Coffee Mug Racks

These types of coffee cup racks are by far the most widely used style. 

They are usually made from durable wood grains, such as oak, beech, and bamboo, and come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

One of the more traditional types of racks is the accordion style wood rack.

This fold out, fold in model can stretch and retract to fit just about any patch of unused wall.

These can hold ten or so mugs and are very easy to install.

Metal Coffee Mug Racks

If you happen to have a more modern styled kitchen, then maybe metal coffee mug racks are a better fit for your coffee cup storage needs.

Sleek and minimalist, these racks can be made from shiny stainless steel, chrome or even decorative wrought iron.

One great thing about metal coffee racks is that you can rest assured that the pegs holding the cups will always stay firmly in place (since they are typically soldered or welded right on!).

Metal is durable, attractive, and can be bent into beautiful shapes and scrolling to adorn your kitchen in style.

Types of Hanging Styles

Besides the traditional racks that just make room for coffee mugs, there are more traditional, country-esque styles that not only hold coffee mugs, but can also display decorative plates and saucers as well.

These racks are usually made out of solid, stained wood and come with shelves to store additional china or even kitschy knick knacks.

These racks are reminiscent of hanging shelves that you would find in a Swiss or Austrian kitchen and are perfect in traditional or pastoral kitchens and dining rooms.

Durability and Hold

No matter what kind you choose to go with, please be sure to test it for its durability and hold. While a flimsy and cheap mug rack might seem sturdy enough on its own, it might lose shape or fall apart under the weight and stress of multiple coffee mugs.

Before hanging any coffee cup rack, be sure to see how many coffee cups it can safely hold. And always be sure that the unit is securely in place before you begin loading it up with your coffee mug collection.

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