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Cabinet and Wall Mounted Expandable Racks

Wall mounted coffee mug holders are a great way to not only clear up cabinet space, but are also perfect for any kitchen that is tight on countertop area. They literally come in just about any shape, size and color you can think of.

Some of the holders are practical and elegant, while others are wild and whimsy. No matter which one you choose, know that you are making a smart choice by investing in a simple wall mounted coffee mug holder.

Easy to Use

Imagine waking up, stumbling down to the kitchen and having a coffee mug right at eye level, accessible and easy to find, no matter how sleepy-eyed you might be.

By hanging your mugs from the wall or underneath the cabinet, you can make every morning an easy one.

Stop wasting cupboard and counter space by storing your coffee cups the old fashioned way.

Clear up room in your cabinets and make use of a small amount of wall surface by hanging your coffee cup collection in a new and fun way.

<<< Here is an example of an expandable wall mounted rack that is easy to use and holds lots of mugs.

Types of Wall Mounted Mug Holders

Wall mounted coffee mug holders are available in wood, plastic and metal. They can be quite small and hold only a few delicate cups, or can cover an entire wall and hang an extensive collection of coffee cups.

Some of the racks stretch horizontally, while others make use of rising vertical space.

Many traditional wooden racks are collapsible, and have been in style for years. Newer modern models, like those made from decorative metals or sturdy plastic, are great space saving accessories in modern kitchens.

No matter which you decide to choose, make sure you have enough wall space and that the model has enough pegs to hold all the coffee cups you would like to display.

Tips on Mounting

Most wall mounted mug rack kits come with mounting instructions that just about anyone can tackle. Keep in mind a few tips that will help ensure that your coffee cups stay put and don’t come crashing down anytime soon.

Choose a wall that is solid. If attaching to drywall use expanding anchors or drill your screws into the studs. You want to make sure the rack is firmly in the wall before you hang any heavy cups on it.

Also, choose an accessible area, but not one with too much traffic. If there is too much going on around or above the area you choose, a cups could be accidentally knocked loose and break.

What To Look For When Buying

Since there are so many varieties available, the style, size and decoration is up to you. One thing to consider when looking at a coffee mug rack, no matter the style, is the size and sturdiness of the hooks or pegs the mugs will rest on.

Choose models with strong and solid pegs and make sure the hooks can hold a coffee cup’s weight with ease.

While most of the wall mounted coffee mug holders are very affordable, don’t go too cheap and risk a peg or wooden branch breaking off.

See all wall-mount coffee mug rack options.

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