Coffee Mug Gifts

The Best Presents for Any Occasion

Personalized and unique coffee mug gifts are a great way to say thank you, happy birthday, happy bosses day, or to just say hi to a good friend.

With so many options available, finding a perfect coffee mug gift for any occasion is as easy as searching online and placing an order. Here are some of the best ways to give coffee mugs to those that are in need of special recognition.

Gifts for Weddings

Traditional wedding gifts for bridesmaids, groomsmen, and guests are usually nice gestures, but are often useless and go to waste after the wedding is over. Why not make your special day that much more memorable by giving out unique and personalized wedding coffee mugs to all your attendees. Stainless steel travel mugs look great when engraved with personalized messages.

These are perfect for those that helped you out during your ceremony, like the bridal party or best man. Ceramic and plastic coffee mugs emblazoned with the wedding date or a picture of the happy couple, are fun wedding favors that your guests will really enjoy.

Gifts for Special Occasions

Whether it is for a loved one’s birthday, a way to say thank you to someone who really did you a favor or even to say thanks for being a great boss, mugs are a thoughtful and practical present for just about any occasion.

Personalize a coffee mug with a poem or special saying for the birthday boy or girl. Fill a coffee mug with sweets and give it as a big thank you to someone who was there for you in a time of need.

With a hilarious World's Best Boss coffee mug, you might just be able to give your boss the recognition he deserves and get him to crack a smile or two.

Collectable Mugs

Coffee mugs not only make for great presents, but they can also be quite memorable and even valuable too. Collectable coffee mugs come in all shapes, sizes, materials and brands.

Many models from Starbucks are popular, as well as those with Disney designs and characters. Fire King coffee mugs look great and are a good collector’s item. Even Stars Wars themed coffee mugs are widely collected. Why not jump start someone’s cup collection by giving them a collectable coffee cup?!

Mugs with a Sweet Twist

Looking to give a little something more than just a coffee mug gift? Fill any seasonal or decorative ceramic mug with an easy to make and even easier to enjoy 5 minute cake mix. Cake in a Mug is a unique and delicious present for any occasion.

The cake mix is pre-assembled and requires the recipient to add just a few simple ingredients. By microwaving the cup for a few minutes, the cake is baked right into the coffee cup and is a delectable single serving dessert. These sweet gifts are great at Christmas time and perfect for any holiday get together.

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