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Reviews of Electric, USB, and Auto Shut-Off Warmer Plates - Mr. Coffee, Brookstone & More

Coffee mug warmers and cup heaters are some of the best small appliance investments that any hard working, hot coffee lover out there can make. There are few things more annoying than constantly having to get up from your desk in the middle of the workday to reheat a cold cup of coffee.

Not only is it just a simple annoyance, but it can also distract you from important tasks at hand, not to mention break your concentration and end up wasting more time in the long run. Stop the cycle of heating and reheating your coffee mug and think seriously about purchasing a coffee mug warmer that will fit perfectly within your workspace.

Mr Coffee Mug Warmer

Mr. Coffee is a name that coffee drinkers across the globe have come to know and trust. And their line of mug warmers certainly doesn’t disappoint! This model features a bigger-than-most hotplate surface, which can fit most any coffee cup size.

There is an on/off switch, located right on the hotplate itself, that is paired with an easy to see On Light Indicator so that you can be absolutely sure when the unit is turned on and off. It also comes with a longer power cord that’s perfectly sized to reach even the most hidden plugs in your office... Read More

This product is UL listed for quality and safety.

Stylish Coffee Mug Warmers

Brands, such as Norpro and Brookstone, have come up with stylish mug warmers that are fit for any showroom, but work great in your workspace. Norpro’s mug warmer comes in a beautiful cracked marble design and is sleek looking on any surface.

Brookstone’s stainless steel finish mug warmer is the perfect accessory for any high-end office. Other decorative mug warmers, like those that have unique designs and even adorable matching mugs, make great office gifts... Read More

Coffee Cup Heater

Drink more coffee in your vehicle than you do in the office? Does your job keep you on the road away from a convenient coffee source? Then you have to check out the coffee cup heater that gives you piping hot Joe while on the go.

The RoadPro 12V Beverage Heater is designed to securely fit directly into your coffee cup. The rapidly heating coils are placed into your ceramic or glass mug and can quickly heat water for brewing your own coffee on the road. Best of all, they are adapted with a 12V power cord which plugs right into your car’s cigarette lighter or power source... Read More

USB Mug Warmer

If you drink coffee at work, chances are that you enjoy it when in front of a computer screen. Why not make use of the closest power source at hand and purchase a USB powered mug warmer!?

These innovative models are perfect for anyone that spends most of their day at a computer. They cut down on cord clutter, which is always a workspace issue, and are a fun way to make use of the unused USB outlets your computer is sure to have... Read More

If you are interested in learning more about any of these models, including unique features, check out their individual pages by clicking the "Read More" links.

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