Wooden Coffee Cup Trees

Wooden coffee cup trees are handy and fun kitchen accessories, whether they’re crafted from beautiful wood, or are simply to display your eclectic mug collection.

You use at least one cup every morning, and a few during the day, so why not get your coffee mugs out of the cabinet and display them with style and accessibility!?

Why Choose a Coffee Cup Tree?

Right now, your mugs are probably stored in your kitchen cabinets, along with other glassware and china. You may be wondering why you even need a coffee cup tree.

By making use of a coffee mug rack and your current free counter space, you can clear up space in cabinets and have your coffee mugs on hand at a moment’s notice.

After all, you are most likely reaching for a mug early in the morning.

Stop scrounging around your cupboards for that one last, clean mug and set out your coffee cups for you, your family and your guests to easily locate.

Coffee Cup Tree Varieties

As you can imagine, there are several different options of coffee mug trees available on the market. By far, the most inexpensive and tradition style is the freestanding wooden tree.

Resembling a mini-tree itself, the wooden rack branches up and out and has pegs that are designed to hold several coffee mugs.

Wood coffee mug trees combined with metal hooks go great in modern kitchens, while 100% wood racks match perfectly with more traditional spaces.

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Bamboo vs. Beech Wood

Bamboo and Beech Wood both offer great stability and support for wooden mug trees.

They are the two most common woods used to make mug racks.

Bamboo is chosen because of its light color, unique grain and long lasting quality. Beech wood racks often have curvier or more decorative shapes.

Both of the woods can be stained to match any existing décor and both are great choices.

See more bamboo coffee mug tree selections.

What to Look For

When you are ready to start shopping for a mug tree, keep in mind the durability of the wood, how big of counter space you have and how many coffee cups you would like to display. Choose a model that has a sturdy base that will keep it from tipping over unexpectedly.

Most of the rack models have pegs that are slightly slanted upwards, so your mug won’t slide off. They also come with small knobs at the ends of the pegs to reduce the risk of the cup sliding off and breaking.

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Added Benefits

Not only do they clear up cluttered cabinet space, but they also give you a great chance to show off some of those unique and colorful coffee mugs you own. Whether they are from a memorable holiday, a birthday gift, or just profoundly unique, a coffee cup tree adorned with bright and fun mugs is an easy and affordable way to decorate your kitchen countertop.

Also find wall mounted coffee mug holders that can save even more space.

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