Stylish Coffee Cup Sleeve

Gorgeous Reusable Coffee Warmer Pattern

The  Hip Grip Sherpa Coffee Cup Sleeve was designed for the most stylish of coffee drinkers.

This reusable insulator is perfect for those boring Styrofoam cups of coffee from the local coffee place and is sure to make any cup of coffee look fabulous.

You'll love this holder, which features a stylish fuzzy white border around the suede-like Sherpa fabric.

This reusable coffee cup sleeve is the perfect addition to any wardrobe! Or use it as an accessory of the car so you can have a stylish cup holder available wherever you go.


Made of durable Sherpa fabric, this stylish holder comes in a beautiful suede-like fabric with a soft white border.

The holders also include a nifty elastic band, which enables coffee drinkers to compactly store this coffee cup sleeve.

This pattern makes it a breeze to toss the sleeve in your purse or a pocket for handy use wherever mugs aren't available. This sleeve is machine washable and will keep all your hot beverages hot!

You can't resist the stylish fuzzy pattern of the border and the sharp suede look. Regular coffee mugs don't have a shot when compared to a cup covered with this lovely sleeve, and you'll find yourself wanting to snuggle up with this sleeve even in warm weather!


* Keeps hot beverages hot longer!

* Cutting edge colors and pattern

* Sleek pattern

* Easy to fold up compactly

* Reusable - reduces waste

* Machine washable


* Elastic band detracts slightly from the design

The only downside to this product is that the elastic band is black and is attached to a small black tag. This slightly detracts from the design, as the actual product is a tan color.

This, however, is about the only con I could identify in this product. It's very well made and durable, and the fact that it's machine washable is a huge plus in my book, especially since it's made to be used on a coffee cup.

I don't know about the rest of the population, but I frequently have small spills and drips that could easily come in contact with the white, fluffy border or even the tan fabric. Knowing that I can just toss this item in the wash when it gets dirty is a huge selling point for me.

It is also not be possible to use this product with standard handled coffee mugs. While mugs are made to help insulate and keep beverages hot, the Allie Walker Designs Hip Grip Sherpa Cup Sleeve is so stylish and adorable that you'll want to use it on all of your cups!

It may be time to invest in some of the tall tumblers that are starting to become a fashionable trend because of their reusable nature. This sleeve is a surefire winner as the most stylish cup sleeve on the market today!

Make a statement anywhere, anytime with this compact, reusable cup sleeve.

Buy a Sherpa Hip Grip Coffee Cup Sleeve.


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