Best Coffee Cup Heater

12 Volt Plug in, Coil Style, Car Water Heaters

For quick, quality coffee in the car, use a 12 volt plug in Coffee Cup Heater to heat water and brew your own coffee on the road.

A coffee cup water heater is the best way to brew fresh coffee away from the house or office.  It’s also a convenient accessory in any vehicle thanks to its 12V adapter.

Are you plagued by extra long day out on the road or in the field with limited access to good coffee shops? Are you tired of drinking witches brew coffee at gas stations if and when you can find one? Then the coffee cup heater is definitely the solution for you!

Stop wasting your hard earned money on bad gas station coffee every day and invest in a simple to use, portable coffee cup heater. These heaters feature warming coils that you place directly into your cup to heat water for brewing fresh coffee.

Once the coffee cup heater has your water piping hot, you can add instant coffee, use single serving coffee bags, or even pour the hot water over your favorite fresh grounds in a French Press Mug .

There are many brands available, but the RoadPro 12V Beverage Heater is a great one for use in the car. This sleek and handy design is great for anyone stuck out there on the road all day and is perfect on long road trips as well!


12 Volt Lighter/Power Socket Plug – There aren’t too many products around that are specifically designed to heat water while in the car. I love that this model provides an easy way to make coffee, or any other warm beverage, while on the go.

Heater Coil – The heater coils on this model are the perfect size for your travel coffee mug. They heat up in a matter of seconds, and rest securely within the cup. The heater coils work great with ceramic and glass mugs, but should be avoided when using paper coffee cups. While rare, using them with paper materials could be a potential fire hazard.

Works in Larger Containers – The heater coils are not only great in coffee mugs, but can work well in larger, warming flasks as well. If you want to brew up a large amount of coffee use the RoadPro coffee cup heater to do it quickly and easily.

Cools Off Quickly – The RoadPro model not only heats up fast, but cools off quickly as well. This feature is a must-have when you need to leave the car and turn off your heater. The last thing you want is a piping hot heater damaging any part of your car with heater coils that don’t cool rapidly enough. Always use caution to make sure it is cool before setting it down on any surface.

Compact Size – Since the RoadPro coffee cup heater is so compact it can easily be tucked into your glove compartment for daily storage. Add a bag or sealed plastic container full of your best coffee, a simple French press mug, and you’re ready for anything. You won’t have to worry about moving it out of the way or taking it out of the car each and everyday. This small, but powerful heater can be stored in your car at all times.

Why I Recommend This Product: There are so many great features; I just can’t decide what I like best about this product. Its portable design is great, and so is the 12V adaptor for my car’s cigarette lighter or power outlet. Basically I love it because I can have piping hot fresh coffee anywhere or anytime, as long as I’m near my car.

This model would make a great gift for anyone who spends a lot of time on the road. Do yourself a favor and pick up one of these coffee cup heaters and rest assured that no matter where you go, you’ll always have good fresh coffee at an arms reach.

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