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Find all the best clear glass coffee mugs. Buy individual mugs or sets. All sizes from 10 oz, 12 oz, 16 oz, and many more.

Buy quality engraved and personalized class coffee mugs with names. Also find beautiful double-walled insulated coffee mugs and glass mugs with lids.

Glass is such a wonderful material for drinking coffee. The way it allows the warm coffee colors to show through the clear, crispness of the glass adds class to the experience.

For more styles including the awesome "almost unbreakable" mugs, and engraved glass mugs see Glass Coffee Mugs.

Clear Glass Coffee Mug
10 oz Insulated Mug

This set of 2 Bodum Bistro 10 oz insulated coffee mugs are the perfect all around glass mug.

With double-wall insulation they keep coffee hot longer than regular glass mugs while staying cool to the touch in your hand.

These Bodum mugs are hand-blown glass. Slight variations in each mug's size and shape add to the character of these quality insulated glass coffee mugs.

Care instructions: Dishwasher and microwave safe. Care should be taken not to drop them (they are made of glass). Also take care not to stack them too close to other wares in the dishwasher to prevent breakage. Not recommended for use with metal utensils.

Bodum 15 oz Latte Mug Set

This is a nice set of 2 Bodum Bistro 15 oz latte mugs. They have the same features and construction as the mugs above.

I get lots of people looking for 16 oz glass mugs, well, these are the best mugs out there that are close.

Care instructions: They are made of glass so handle with care. Not recommended for use with metal utensils. Dishwasher and microwave safe.

The Bodum Mugs are beautiful, insulated, and well crafted. However, they are somewhat delicate. If you need something that is significantly more durable, see the mugs below.

"Almost Unbreakable"
Glass Coffee Mugs

These "almost unbreakable" clear glass coffee mugs by HercuGlass are, well, almost unbreakable.

They are made using the same process used to create fighter aircraft windshields. These are tough coffee mugs.

They have a 13 oz capacity, which means you can very comfortably hold 12 oz of coffee in these glass mugs and still have room for cream.

You will not be disappointed with the quality or durability of these impressive mugs.

Care instructions: Microwave and dishwasher safe. Not that you want to push your luck, but MANY people have reported dropping and bumping these mugs hard without any breakage.

More "Almost Unbreakable"
Glass Mugs in 16, 19, 20 oz, and 24 oz.'s

More from the "almost unbreakable" Hercuglass mug family, these are larger glass coffee drinking mugs.

Made with the same ultra-durable process as the above mugs, these are known for surviving long drops onto hard surfaces.

For the large coffee mug user who doesn't want to worry about breaking their big mug, these are the perfect mugs.

Care instructions: Microwave and dishwasher safe.

Luigi Bormioli DUOS
Double Wall 14-Ounce Mug

This is a beautiful and functional set of 2 double wall insulated mugs.

These mugs are not only stylish, they are very lightweight, making for a very pleasant coffee drinking experience.

Like the Bodum, hot stays hot while staying cool to the touch and cold beverages don't sweat.

Care instructions: Take care not to drop or ding as they are delicate due to their light design. Dishwasher safe.

Large Mug with a Lid

This stylish set of 6 durable Anchor Hocking mug are designed with a lid.

Great for coffee or tea, this mug and lid can be used outside to keep debris out, or to keep your coffee hotter longer.

These mugs hold a generous 18 oz.'s of coffee.

The lid could also be used as a coaster.

Care instructions: Dishwasher safe.

Thank for browsing all the best clear glass coffee mugs. I try to include all the best, with a little something to accommodate specific needs you may have.

Wishing you all the best.

- Steve

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