Get Into the Holiday Spirit with a Decorative Tumbler

Christmas tumblers are a great way to sip your favorite warm winter beverage and will really get you in the holiday spirit with their festive, decorative designs. These cozy mugs let you wrap your hands around the cup to really get a flavorful and intimate experience with each drink.

There is something extra special about enjoying hot beverages during the holiday season. Holiday tumblers can kick start your winter celebrations and truly make you feel more in the holiday spirit than ever before.

What is a Tumbler?

If you aren’t familiar with the term, ‘tumbler’, it is exactly like a traditional coffee mug, but with straight sides and no handle or stem.

Traditionally these cups have been made out of ceramic or glass.

While they can still be found made from these materials, they are now also made out of durable, insulated plastic, or stainless steel.

Resembling a travel coffee mug, just without the handles, plastic or stainless steel tumblers are popular during the holiday season and remain in use throughout the year.

Christmas Themes

Any and every kind of Christmas theme and decoration can be found on holiday tumblers.

Ranging from abstract colorful patterns that look like Christmas lights or wrapping paper, to detailed winter wonderland scenes. Of course,

Santa and his reindeer are popular central figures on these decorative cups.

Scenes depicting stories form the Bible are widely available as well.

Collectable Tumblers

Christmas tumblers have become so in demand that companies and popular name brands have started manufacturing collectable holiday mugs.

By far and away, Coca Cola and Starbucks produce the two most popular kinds of collectable Christmas tumblers.

Those that collect these can’t wait for a new year’s model to come out each holiday season.

They always make for great gifts and are not only great during Christmas time, but are perfect anytime a warm beverage is needed.

Antique tumblers are also a popular and sought after holiday item. Found online on sites like eBay or Etsy, there is a wide variety of vintage themed Christmas mugs that are classically kitschy and perfect for any holiday party.

While they might not be as travel-friendly as the newer collectable tumblers, these Christmas mugs are perfect for your next winter gathering.

Warm Beverages to Enjoy out of Christmas Tumblers

While coffee might be the only hot drink you enjoy throughout the year, Christmas time brings the opportunity for you to enjoy a multitude of warm beverages each and every day. Hot chocolate, with a touch of peppermint candy or peppermint schnapps, is a classic holiday favorite.

Spiced teas taste just as good as they smell and are wonderful at Christmas time too. Traditional warm beverages like apple cider, wassail, and mulled wine are special drinks that come around only once a year.

While Christmas tumblers do a great job of keeping hot beverages nice and toasty, they can also lock in the cool tastes of cold holiday treats like eggnog! Whether it is imagined or not, it definitely seems that warm holiday beverages just taste better when sipped out of a traditional Christmas tumbler.

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