Best Big Coffee Mug

Find the best big coffee mug for him or her. Cool large coffee cup styles with big handles that hold 14 oz, 16 oz, or 20 oz's of coffee.

If you love coffee then you need a big mug that will hold a lot of coffee. You don't want to get a workout in the morning from running back and forth to the coffee pot.

This is the place for the best large coffee mugs for sale. We have the best 14 oz mugs, 16 oz mugs, and 20 oz mugs by category below.

Best 14 oz Coffee Mugs

14 ounces is kind of an in between size and is therefore a little bit harder to find. However, I have selected the best 14 oz coffee mugs to shorten your search.

It comes down to the Bodum Bistro mug, the Luigi Bormioli Duos, and the Konitz Snuggle mugs.

The Bodum is an insulated cappuccino style big coffee mug, delicate but stylish and functional.

The Duos are tall latte style mugs, also glass, but made to last and keep their clarity a long time.

The Konitz is an adorable, casual, ceramic "snuggle by the fire" kind of mug with a really cool coffee bean design with coffee lettering. It's big and round and great for wrapping cold hands around.

Also for 14 oz travel mugs I recommend the Contigo Bella for women. It's beautiful, durable, VERY well insulated, and leak proof.

For men (or women) I recommend the Thermos Nissan leak proof travel tumblers. They're durable like Thermos has a reputation for. But, they're also stylish, VERY well insulated, easy to use and clean, and leak proof.

See all the best 14 oz coffee mugs.

Best 16 oz Coffee Mugs

There are a lot of 16 ounce coffee mugs out there, so you have a lot more to sort through to find the best. Fortunately, because 16 ounces is such a popular size of coffee mug, some of the VERY best mugs are the 16 ounce size.

Here are the best 16 oz coffee mugs:

For style the Terramoto Polka Dot Mugs are awesome. They are big, ceramic mugs with simple but cool colors and designs that will never go out of style.

I also like the Santanoni Bistro mugs for style and function. They are a more vertical shape that just makes you feel like you are in a European cafe.

For quality the Norpro "My Favorite Mugs" are THE best. They're the perfect size. They're extremely well made. Good in the dishwasher, freezer, or microwave. And they have a great shape that is great for coffee, cappuccino, soup, cereal, or ice cream.

The 16 ounce travel mugs are the REALLY amazing ones.

My favorite is the Thermos Sipp mug. It is arguably perfect. It looks awesome; comes in several really stylish colors.

It insulates VERY well, it's durable, it is 100% spill and leak proof, and it's pretty easy to care for.

If you want a heavier, even more durable mug, the Thermos Stainless King is perfect for you.

It's practically bomb proof and it keeps coffee hot longer than almost any other travel mug. Also 100% leak proof. See all of these best 16 oz coffee mugs.

Best 20 oz Coffee Mugs

Finally, for the truly big coffee mug user, the 20 oz coffee mugs.

My two favorites are the set of 4 Chantal Stoneware Mugs and the set of 4 "Almost Unbreakable" mugs by Hercuglass (I love Herculgass. They just make amazing stuff).

The Chantal mugs come in red, blue, or white. They're just a classic shaped bistro type mug, but great quality, great feel in your hand and BIG.

The "Almost Unbreakable" big coffee mugs are just so cool. They are glass, but they act like metal (okay, they're not THAT durable, but close). They test them by dropping them over 4 feet onto tile. That's impressive.

As for 20 oz travel mugs, Contigo makes a big 20 oz version of the Autoseal stainless travel mug for the big coffee drinkers on the go.

See all the best 20 oz coffee mugs.

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