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When it comes to the best coffee mugs, Thermos can't be beat. The Thermos Sipp is my all-time favorite insulated stainless travel mug to keep coffee hot in the car.

This stainless steel travel mug continues to impress me the longer I own it. It excels at everything from keep coffee piping hot for hours, to being 100% spill-proof, AND fitting even in small car cup holders.

This is my go-to to-go mug. I use it almost every day. As someone who has created an entire website dedicated to the best coffee mugs, I can confidently say that the Thermos Sipp is THE BEST INSULATED TRAVEL MUG you can buy.

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- 100% leak proof lid. Seal it with the push of a button. Throw it in a bag or on the seat next to you with-out a worry. Push the button again to drink.

- Easy sip lid. Two drinking holes that allow the HOT coffee to reach the air before hitting your lips so you can enjoy hot coffee for hours without burning your tongue.

- Easy clean lid. Lid is dishwasher safe for super easy cleaning. It also comes apart for the occasional extra deep clean to put your mind at ease. Lid is also BPA free.

- Generous 16 oz size. Enough coffee to get you through the first couple of hours away from the house.

- Attractive stainless steel finish. Stainless steel inside and out makes it durable, easy to clean, and stylish.

- Non-slip base. Rubberized pad on base prevents it from slipping on any surface.

- Reasonably lightweight and comfortable to hold. I say reasonably lightweight because it isn't THE lightest travel mug on the market, but it is light enough that the weight isn't an issue. On the other hand, it IS lighter than other stainless travel mugs that share it's superior insulating qualities.

- Amazing heat retention. This is a mug that truly keeps coffee HOT for hours. Fill your mug at 8 am. Forget about it until noon. Take a drink... still hot. Double-wall vacuum insulated.

Thermos Photos

thermos sipp side view
thermos sipp blown up insides
themos sipp insulate lid pour spouts

Left to right: Full view of the best insulated mug ever. You can take the lid apart for easy cleaning. I never do this. I just throw it in the dishwasher, but it's nice to know you can. Top view with perfect sip holes on either side.

thermos sipp button up closed
thermos sipp button up open

Left: Button up is sealed- 100% ridiculously-well-sealed. Right: Button down: Drink on.

Insulated travel mug lid  open
Insulated travel mug lid seal closed

Left: Detail of the ingenious 100% leak proof sealing mechanism when closed. Right: You can just barely see how it lifts away for the seal when open to allow your fresh hot coffee to flow smoothly into your mouth.

Tip for Ease of Use

- On the model with the black lid the drink openings can be hard to see (It's easier to see on the model with the white lid).

This is easily fixed by making two small marks on the lid next to each of the openings. The easiest way to do this is simply by making two dots with a permanent marker, but you can create a more personalized mark too if you prefer.

This being a very small issue, it's easy to say that this is the best coffee mug you can buy.

See more styles and colors of Thermos Sipp Mugs


Buy Your Very Own Thermos Sipp Today!


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