Barbie Coffee Mugs

Let your inner doll shine with these Barbie mugs

If you have an affinity for classic toys that were popular during your childhood, then you will love the newest set of Barbie coffee mugs available for your morning cup of joe. Who says that all things Barbie have to be just for kids? Sit back, sip your coffee and imagine what it would be like to be Barbie herself.

You could simultaneously be a doctor, lawyer, and veterinarian, marry a hansom man (with great hair!), own a dream house, drive a hot rod and have an awesome wardrobe. Ahhh, if only! Instead of trying to accomplish all that, treat yourself to a fun Barbie coffee mug and show off your pink side in the A.M.

Barbie Travel Coffee Mugs

Get on the go in style…even if you don’t own a pink Ferrari! Barbie travel mugs are a great way to sip your morning coffee while running errands. Emblazoned with the iconic Barbie symbol and possibly even pictures of Barbie and Ken themselves, these coffee cups are sure to get you smiling in the morning.

The plastic travel mugs or tumblers come tight fitting lids that will keep coffee from spilling during your morning commute, trip to the store or even just around the house. You’ll find Barbie mugs with the newest models of the dolls on them and others that feature vintage-style Barbie dolls. Funny sayings like “I wasn’t designed to do housework” and “All dolled up and everywhere to go!” can also be found on travel Barbie mugs.

My Favorite Career Series

The Barbie coffee mugs “My Favorite Career” series features Barbie doing what she does best: holding down any and every job imaginable. Featuring vintage styled Barbie dolls, these solid travel mugs are great for any working woman. These are a fun way to show of your career or can make for the perfect gift for someone in the line of work featured on the mugs. Curious as to what professions are on the cups?

Well, there’s Barbie as a Flight Attendant. Her travel mug says, “Born to jet set” and features Barbie in a traditional airline attendant’s outfit. Super cute for anyone who flies the skies regularly. There’s also one that features Barbie as a schoolteacher. The “Brains + Beauty = Barbie!” coffee mug makes for a great gift for your child’s teacher and your little one will love gifting her favorite instructor a Barbie-themed present.

You’ll also find Barbie as a registered nurse! Her coffee mug that reads, “Nothing like a dose of retail therapy” is perfect for the hard working caregiver in your life. And yet another of her dressed up like an Astronaut. This mug reads, “Houston, we have a fashion problem!”. And while you might not personally know any astronauts, you do probably know a few fashionistas that have a wardrobe style that’s out of this world!

See all Barbie Career Mugs.

For Couples

Last, but not least, there are a few Barbie coffee mugs available that feature the lovey, dovey couple, Barbie and Ken. These would be great morning mugs for couples and are perfect gifts for engagements or weddings.

Look for the Barbie and Ken mug that reads, “Good morning kiss.” Or another one of them dressed to the nines and Ken saying, “Look sharp and the dolls will follow.”

Have fun with the Barbie coffee mugs and show off your inner doll!

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