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Buy only the best Aladdin Travel Mugs. Find and review lidded tumblers and stainless steel leak proof travel tumblers for sale.

Aladdin has gone all out with this one. Stainless steel, VERY leak proof, fits in all but the smallest car cup holders AND it's dishwasher safe.

What more could we want?

How about awesome insulating! It keeps hot beverages hot for hours and cold beverages cold for even longer.

If that's not enough, it's also BPA free and comes in several striking, conversation starting colors.

16 oz. with an easy flip-top lid.

So you have your Aladdin travel mug to get you through the commute, but maybe you want a wider desk mug with a stylish handle to get you through the work day.

Look no further than the Aladdin Stainless Steel insulated desk mug. This mug has a wider base to help prevent accidental knock-over spills

It won't keep your coffee hot as long as the vacuum sealed stainless mugs, but when you're 20 feet from the coffee machine, that's not as important.

What IS important is that this desk mug has a handle so you can walk around impersonating the boss from Office Space and tell people they're gonna need to come in on Saturday.

I love this recycled glass tumbler.

Whether you're using it for water or for smoothies or blended iced coffee (it has an over-sized smoothie straw!) the feel and style of real glass combined with a lid and straw is pure luxury.

Of course it's dishwasher safe, BPA free and made from recycled glass.

16 oz.

Fits in most car cup holders too.

This last one isn't an Aladdin mug. It's actually made by Contigo, but I wanted to include it here because this mug is, in my opinion, one of the best leak-free travel mugs there is.

The lid has an open design for easier cleaning, especially since it is top shelf dishwasher safe. They've recently improved the design even more so you can pivot the inside of the lid open for even easier cleaning. This is a huge improvement, as that was my one major complaint with the previous version.

It's durable, fits in larger car cup holders, great insulation keeps coffee hot for hours.

The 16 oz size is great, and it is a gorgeous looking mug... very stylish and comes in tons of different beautiful colors.

I hope these reviews have helped you find the best Aladdin Travel Mugs. Wishing you all the best.

- Steve

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