20 Oz. Travel Coffee Mugs

The Perfect Fit for Above Average Coffee Drinkers

Not too big, not too small and perfect for any car ride or workday, 20 oz. travel coffee mugs are the perfect way to enjoy a hot cup of coffee every morning.

The best coffee mugs are available in just about every material imaginable, from plastic, to stainless steel and ceramic.

They're also available in every size you can imagine, from tiny espresso-size cups to giant, caffeine-overdose mega-gulp mugs and everything in between.

The 20 oz size (exactly two and a half cups) is the ideal size for any coffee drinker. I’ll show you why these travel coffee mugs perfectly fit the goldilocks golden ratio and are a perfect daily accessory.

Easily Fits In Car Cup Holders

One of the best things about any 20 oz. travel coffee mug is that they are big enough to fit ample amounts of coffee – certainly more than most drink on their drive to work – yet are still compact enough to fit in most standard car cup holders. This keeps the coffee away from your clothes and out from between your legs, where spills, accidents and even burns can occur.

Most 20 oz travel mugs utilize a narrow shape or a branching out handle, both of which features allow it to fit in a cup holder easily. Having a too big or too small travel mug can not only result in spills along your drive, but potentially turn into dangerous accidents waiting to happen as they slip and slide around in your car’s holder.

Same Size as Coffeehouse Drinks

I like my travel coffee mugs to easily hold a standard sized coffeehouse drink. Most coffee chains offer various sizes of drinks, ranging from 8 oz. and up. At Starbucks, the most popular size of drink is the Venti. This size drink lasts the whole day, that is, if you can get it into your 20 oz. travel coffee mug and keep it nice and warm.

The name Venti comes from the Italian word for “twenty” and as you can guess, it holds 20 oz. Making it, along with other popular coffeehouse chain drinks, the perfect size for my 20 oz. cup travel mug.

Holds Just the Right Amount of Coffee

Travel mugs are equally great for desktops as they are for use in cars. The mugs keep the coffee nice and hot and the spill-proof lid protects my computer and paper documents from getting soaked if I should accidentally knock the cup over. A 20 oz coffee mug is easy to take from office to office and can be easily taken into long meetings, where the two and a half cups of coffee will keep you awake and alert through any long (and boring!) meeting.

I don’t know about you, but once I am at work, I hate getting up from my desk to continually fill and refill a smaller than normal coffee mug. Not only does this distract me from my work, but it also interrupts my train of thought and wastes precious work time. What’s great about 20 oz. travel mugs is that they hold just the right amount of coffee to get me going in the morning and lasting through most of the day.


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