Best 16 oz Coffee Mugs for Sale

Find the best 16 oz coffee mugs for sale in stainless, glass, ceramic and plastic. Read my reviews of the best personalized, travel, and sets of mugs.

Whether you want a large 16 ounce plastic tumbler or a 16 ounce ceramic coffee cup, with a handle and lid or without, you'll find all the best ones here.

I've divided the coffee mug reviews into two categories:

Travel Mugs and Home/Office Mugs.

16 oz. Home/Office Coffee Mugs

These are the mugs that are designed to be comfortable to hold, beautiful to look at, easy to care for, and a pleasure to drink from.

If you're looking for 16 oz coffee mugs in white, be sure to check out the very popular "My Favorite Mugs" just down the page.

16 oz. Bistro Mugs, Set of 4

These large bistro style 16 oz coffee mugs are available in blue, green, and burgundy.

These are a stylishly shaped mug like the kind you would get when you order a latte in a coffee house in Seattle.

You can bring that feeling home and enjoy a nice hot cup without getting out of your p.j.'s.

I will say that the blue and white are my favorite colors. The others are a little funky for my decor, but if they suit yours, go for it.

Care instructions: Microwave and dishwasher safe.

Norpro "My Favorite Mugs"

I think the name says it all about this set of 2 porcelain 16 oz coffee mugs.

These are the go-to mugs for any occasion. They're the perfect size for large cups of coffee or lattes.

They have a perfect shape and are very well made and comfortable to hold.

Durable enough for everyday use, these simple but stylish mugs can be used for soup, cocoa, chili, cereal and more.

Care instructions: Dishwasher, microwave, freezer, and oven safe (the perfect everyday mug).

Set of 4 Sedona 16 oz Coffee Mugs

Each one of these cute 16 oz coffee mugs are hand painted and comfortable to hold in your hand.

They're just like the mugs that Charlie uses on the show "Two and a Half Men".

I love the retro colors. The photo hardly does them justice.

They really are beautiful mugs and the large 16 oz. size is so easy to use.

No more overflowing when you're trying to stir in cream and sugar. Fits a full-sized latte too.

Care instructions: Dishwasher and microwave safe.

Boardroom Desk Mug

This is just a cool, cool mug that would be perfect for any business professional.

It has stylish double-wall stainless steel insulation with a classy leatherette wrap and grip.

Even the lid on this desk mug is stylish. It also keeps your coffee hot longer, up to an hour.

Care instructions: Hand wash. Do not microwave.

16 oz Coffee Mugs for Travel

Amazing Thermos Stainless King Tumbler

This is truly an amazing mug.  There is a reason why they call it the King.

It's ultra durable in the Thermos tradition, one of the most durable insulated travel mugs on the market.

It insulates remarkably well, keeping coffee hot for many hours on end.

It has a truly spill proof sealing lid design comparable to any of the best.

The only drawback if you consider it to be one, is that it is on the heavy side.

For someone who needs a highly insulated, extremely durable, leak proof mug, this is the King.

Care instructions: Hand washing recommended (the lid comes apart for easy cleaning). Not for microwave use.

Amazing Contigo Autoseal Travel Mug

This is another equally amazing insulated stainless steel travel mug.  The Thermos King and this Contigo Autoseal are two of my top picks for travel mugs.

The Contigo shares many of the same benefits such as incredible insulation, high durability, and 100% leak proof sealing lid.

The differences are that the Contigo is a bit lighter weight. However, it is probably slightly less bomb proof as well.

It has a single hand operated push button that re-seals automatically, which most people LOVE but some don't prefer.

Finally, in my opinion, it's more stylish, AND it comes in a bunch of different very cool colors like green, red, silver, and black.

Care instructions: Hand washing is recommended, but lid is top shelf dishwasher safe, which is very nice. Not for use in the microwave.

The lid has also been improved for 2016. It opens up on the inside for easier cleaning.

Elegant Trudeau Paige Travel Mug

This is an elegantly styled and inexpensive travel mug.  The styling would make any woman feel fashionable with her coffee, while the price will definitely help ease the budget.

It has a quality flip-top leak proof sealing lid.

The handle is contoured and soft-grip for ease of use.

The main drawback is that the inside is made of high density polypropylene which doesn't insulate as well as a vacuum sealed double stainless wall. This mug keeps coffee hot up to an hour.

Care instructions: Recommended hand washing and no microwave use.

Thanks for visiting and reading my reviews of the best 16 oz coffee mugs for sale. Wishing you all the best.

- Steve

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