Best 14 oz Coffee Mug

Looking for the best 14 oz coffee mug sets and single mugs with handles and lids? All the best large coffee mugs have been reviewed here to help you choose your perfect mug.

14 ounces is a great size for any type of coffee mug. It holds enough coffee to at least get you out of the kitchen, but not so much as to make your mug too big to handle.

All of the mugs have been sorted into 2 categories: Home/Office Mugs and Travel Mugs.

14 oz. Coffee Mugs, Home/Office

Double-Wall 14 oz Mug Set

This is a set of two 14 oz beautiful coffee mugs with handles by Luigi Bormioli.

These 14 oz coffee mugs are made of two separate layers of glass that are blown together to create a well-insulated, very light weight, elegant mug.

This lightness lends itself well to their tall, elegant design.

The outside stays comfortable to the touch whether they are filled with hot or cold coffee.

Care instructions: Top shelf dishwasher safe. Hand washing is recommended to prolong clarity. These mugs are designed to last a LONG time if properly handled.

Set of 2 Cafe Latte Mugs

This set of two cafe latte mugs by Bodum would be perfect for a hot latte or cappuccino at home.

These are not technically a 14 oz coffee mug, they actually hold 15 ounces of your favorite coffee beverage.

Each mug is handmade from high quality borosilicate glass.

The double-insulated thermal glass walls not only keep your coffee hot, they also give your cappuccino a beautiful floating look.

Care instructions: Dishwasher and microwave safe. Not for use with metal utensils. Must be handled with care.

14 oz Konitz Set of 2 Snuggle Mugs

These adorable Konitz Snuggle mugs are perfect for "snuggling up" to a big cup of hot morning coffee.

Imagine curling up on the couch with a blanket in front of the fire, cradling one of these warm, round mugs in your hands.

This set of 2 mugs is surprisingly lightweight and made of high quality porcelain.

Their large 14 oz size and comfy round shape make them a frequent favorite.

Care instructions: These mugs are microwave and dishwasher safe.

IItala Taika Coffee Mug with Handle

This unique mug in the Enchanted Forest theme was designed by Finnish artist Klaus Haapaniemi.

The old folk style of the owl and forest scene has a very mysteriousness and intriguing feeling to it.

It is also available in black & white as well as blue.

This mug is made of porcelain.

It actually holds 13 ounces (not 14 like the rest of the mugs on this page) of your best coffee blend.

Care instructions: This quality mug is safe for use in the freezer, oven, dishwasher, or microwave oven.

14 oz Travel Coffee Mugs

Contigo Bella 14 oz Travel Mug

Ladies, here is the Bella, an attractive, classy insulated coffee travel mug by Contigo.

It has the patented Autoseal lid which is amazingly leak proof. People throw these mugs upside down in their book bags without a drop escaping.

100% BPA free.

It holds 14 ounces of coffee and will keep coffee hot up to an hour (much less than the Contigo stainless steel 16 oz version).

Care instructions: Top shelf dishwasher safe. This is awesome as most double-wall stainless mugs are not dishwasher safe.

14 oz Thermos Nissan Leak Proof Travel Mug

This Thermos travel mug is very popular due to it's lightweight, but extremely durable construction.

With double-walled vacuum insulation it will keep coffee hot at least an hour. Most people report their coffee staying hot for several hours.

It has a twist closed spill proof lid and a comfortable, soft grip handle.

It's the perfect size AND it fits well into standard sized cup holders.

Care instructions: Not for microwave use. Not recommended for use in the dishwasher either, although lots of people do it without having problems... how about use the dishwasher at your own risk:)

14 oz Thermos Stainless Travel Tumbler

This is another amazing stainless steel travel tumbler by Thermos.

It has a great tapered tumbler shape to fit standard car cup holders.

The snap top lid seals it tight to prevent spills.

It will keep coffee hot for hours, especially if you preheat it before adding your coffee.

Like a typical Thermos, well-insulated, light weight, and extremely durable.

Care instructions: This 14 oz coffee mug is not recommended for dishwasher or microwave use.

Thanks for visiting and reading my reviews of large 14 oz coffee mugs. Wishing you all the best.

- Steve

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